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Prolub EM 600

Prolub EM 600 is a silicone emulsion, used for high shining products in household industries.

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Propiophenone is used in the synthesis of ephedrine. It can also be used in the synthesis of aryl alkenes, such as phenylpropanoids.

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Proteoglycans are proteins that are heavily glycosylated. The basic proteoglycan unit consists of a "core protein" with one or more covalently attached glycosaminoglycan (GAG) chain(s). Proteoglycans occur in the connective tissue.Proteoglycans are a major component of the animal extracellular matrix, the "filler" substance existing between cells in an organism. Here they form large complexes, both to other proteoglycans, to hyaluronan, and to fibrous matrix proteins (such as collagen). They are also involved in binding cations (such as sodium, potassium and calcium) and water, and also regulating the movement of molecules through the matrix.

Rhodaphos PTA

Rhodaphos PTA is a novel phosphine ligand and offers a potential high-quality alternative to short chain tri-alkyl phosphines.

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Rhodaphos Pta

Rhodaphos PTA is a novel phosphine ligand.

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Selenous Acid

Selenous acid is the principal oxoacid of selenium. The major use is in changing the color of steel, especially the steel in guns, the so-called "blueing" process which uses selenous acid, copper(II) nitrate, and nitric acid to change the color of the steel from silver-grey to blue-grey. Some older razor blades were also made of blued steel. Another use for selenious acid is the chemical darkening and patination of copper, brass and bronze, producing a rich dark brown color that can be further enhanced with mechanical abrasion.

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Sodium Iodate

7681-55-2,Sodium Iodate

Sodium Iodide

Sodium iodide is commonly used to treat and prevent iodine deficiency. It is used in polymerase chain reactions, and also in the Finkelstein reaction, for conversion of an alkyl chloride into an alkyl iodide. Sodium iodide activated with thallium, NaI(Tl), when subjected to ionizing radiation, emits photons and is used in scintillation detectors, traditionally in nuclear medicine, geophysics, nuclear physics, and environmental measurements. The radioactive iodide salt of sodium, Na131I, is used for the treatment of thyroid cancer and hyperthyroidism.

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