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Nuchar RGC-50

Nuchar RGC-50 is a high-activity abrasion-resistant, granular activated carbon specifically designed for efficient performance in purifying a broad range of liquid streams including drinking water, specialty food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, and fine chemicals.

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Periodic Acid

Periodic acid is an oxoacid of iodine. It is used in organic chemistry for structural analysis. Periodic acid will cleave vicinal diols into two aldehyde or ketone fragments. This can be useful in determining the structure of carbohydrates. It is also used in organic synthesis as an oxidising agent of moderate strength.

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Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications including packaging and labeling, textiles, stationery, plastic parts and reusable containers of various types, laboratory equipment, loudspeakers, automotive components, and polymer banknotes. An addition polymer made from the monomer propylene, it is rugged and unusually resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids.

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Preventol CMK

Preventol CMK is used for the formulation of disinfectants for use in hospitals, surgeries, industry, institutions, stables and sheds. For the formulation of all-purpose disinfectants and disinfectant liquid soaps.

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Prolub EM 600

Prolub EM 600 is a silicone emulsion, used for high shining products in household industries.

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Propiophenone is used in the synthesis of ephedrine. It can also be used in the synthesis of aryl alkenes, such as phenylpropanoids.

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Proteoglycans are proteins that are heavily glycosylated. The basic proteoglycan unit consists of a "core protein" with one or more covalently attached glycosaminoglycan (GAG) chain(s). Proteoglycans occur in the connective tissue.Proteoglycans are a major component of the animal extracellular matrix, the "filler" substance existing between cells in an organism. Here they form large complexes, both to other proteoglycans, to hyaluronan, and to fibrous matrix proteins (such as collagen). They are also involved in binding cations (such as sodium, potassium and calcium) and water, and also regulating the movement of molecules through the matrix.

Rhodaphos PTA

Rhodaphos PTA is a novel phosphine ligand and offers a potential high-quality alternative to short chain tri-alkyl phosphines.

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Rhodaphos Pta

Rhodaphos PTA is a novel phosphine ligand.

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