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ColaCap MA1610

ColaCap MA1610 is a food soil defoaming surfactant.

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ColaDet LD-150

ColaDet LD-150 is a completely formulated, biodegradable, liquid dishwash concentrate. It can be used as the basis for liquid dishwash products covering the range from economy to premium. It is also useful for making other detergents such as car wash, fine fabric cleaners, and general-purpose cleaners.

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Copper Cyanide

Copper cyanide is an inorganic compound. The compound is useful as a catalyst, in electroplating copper, and as a reagent in the preparation of nitriles.

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Copper Nitrate

Copper nitrate, in combination with acetic anhydride, is an effective reagent for nitration of aromatic compounds.

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Copper Powders

Copper Powders are manufactured by water-atomising, air-atomising or by electrolysis to give irregular, spherical and dendritic morphologies respectively. Copper powders are used in very many applications, markets and technologies by virtue of the diverse range of physico-chemical properties. Other properties of copper powders such as electrical and thermal conductivity, morphology, chemical reactivity and alloying possibilities give rise to their use in catalysis, anti-fouling paint, conductive oils and greases, alloying with other metals, carbon brushes, resin-bonded brake parts, thermal management, electro-magnetic radiation shielding for electronic devices, surface engineering and diamond tooling, and many more.

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Cross B-Series

The Cross B-Series are Severely Hydrotreated, naphthenic base oils that do not require labeling as carcinogenic under OSHA's Hazardous Substances Communication Standard. They have broader boiling composition than other Cross base stocks. B-Series stocks are refined to provide light color, good color stability and they exhibit strong resistance to oxidation in combination with numerous antioxidant systems.

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Cross L-Series

The Cross L-Series comprises a line of Severely Hydrotreated, premium quality naphthenic base oils that do not require labeling as carcinogenic under OSHA's Hazardous Substances Communication Standard. Additionally, all grades test less than 3.0 %Wt. Extractables by Method IP-346. These products exhibit light color, good stability and medium VI. Cross L-100 is widely used in metalworking fluids and paper defoamers; whereas, Cross L-750 is preferred for grease manufacture. (L-750 provides higher yields than the corresponding viscosity of paraffinic oils.) All grades are highly resistant to oxidation; lower viscosity grades provide superior oxidation stability in ASTM D-943, when combined with specific additive packages.

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CrossTrans 206

CrossTrans is Severely Hydrotreated and does not require labeling as carcinogenic under OSHA's Hazardous Substances Communication Standard. Most importantly, this premier product is refined from choice naphthenic crude and produced under rigorous, scientifically developed conditions in order to retain those molecules that deliver Negative Gassing Tendency.

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Crotonaldehyde is a chemical compound. As an unsaturated aldehyde, crotonaldehyde is a versatile intermediate in organic synthesis. It occurs in a variety of foodstuffs. Its main application is as a precursor to fine chemicals. Sorbic acid, a food preservative, and trimethylhydroquinone, a precursor to the vitamin E, are prepared from crotonaldehyde. Other derivatives include crotonic acid and 3-methoxybutanol.

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Cupric Bromide

Cupric bromide is a chemical compound. It is used in photographic processing as an intensifier and as a brominating agent in organic synthesis. It is also used in the Copper vapor laser, a class of laser where the medium is copper bromide vapour formed in situ from hydrogen bromide in reaction with the enclosing copper discharge tube. Producing yellow or green light, it is used in dermatological applications.

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