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Iodophor is Used in hand sanitizing solutions as antiseptics and disinfectants. Diluted iodophor is often used by brewers and winemakers to sanitize equipment and bottles. Diluted iodophor is also used extensively in the dairy industry


Iodophor is a federally approved contact sanitizer that is used widely by restaurant, beverage industry ,food production, and dairy industry.


Dark-brown, viscous, pourable liquid, miscible with water. 
Iodine complex with detergent, stabilizer & activity enhancer. 
Powerful, non-selective germicide, fungicide & bacterostatic composition with detergent.

‘IODOPHOR’ is nonirritant, nontoxic, nonstanding, noncorossive & odorless. 
‘IODOPHOR’ is disinfectant, cleaner & sanitizer. 
‘IODOPHOR’ is approved for bactaria, viruses, fungi etc. 

Indunal T 1420

Indunal T 1420 is terpolymeric carboxylated acrylic emulsion. It is used as acrylic thickener/binder for emulsion paints, water-based printings inks and overprint varnisher, emulsion paints and plasters.

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Lead Carbonate

Lead carbonate is prepared industrially from lead(II) acetate and carbon dioxide. It has a wide range of applications. It catalyzes the polymerization of formaldehyde to high molecular weight crystalline poly(oxymethylene) products. It is used as a component of high-pressure lubricating greases, as a catalyst in the curing of moldable thermosetting silicone resins, as a coating on vinyl chloride polymers to improve their dielectric properties, as a component of corrosion-resistant, dispersion- strengthened grids in lead-acid storage batteries and also as a photoconductor for electrophotography.

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Methanolic Hcl

Methanolic Hcl is widely used in Pharmaceutical Industries.

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