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Ethyl Silicate

Ethyl silicate consists of four ethyl groups attached to SiO44- ion, which is called orthosilicate. As an ion in solution, orthosilicate does not exist. Alternatively ethyl silicate can be considered to be the ethyl ester of orthosilicic acid. It is a prototypical alkoxide. It is mainly used as a crosslinking agent in silicone polymers and as a precursor to silicon dioxide in the semiconductor industry. Other applications include coatings for carpets and other objects. It is used in the production of aerogel. These applications exploit the reactivity of the Si-OR bonds.

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Fuller's Earth

Fuller's earth is any non-plastic clay or clay-like earthy material used to decolorize, filter, and purify animal, mineral, and vegetable oils and greases. The name reflects the first use of the material. In past centuries, fullers kneaded fuller's earth and water into woollen cloth to absorb lanolin, oils, and other greasy impurities as part of the cloth finishing process. Similarly, it has been used as an ingredient in powdered, "dry" shampoos. Fuller's earth was also sold in pharmacies until recently for compressing pills and cleaning hats and fabrics. Important uses are in absorbents and filters. Because of this, it is used (with activated charcoal) in the treatment of paraquat overdose to prevent the progression to pulmonary fibrosis. Fuller's earth is also used by military and civil emergency service personnel to decontaminate the clothing and equipment of soldiers and CBRN (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear) responders who have been contaminated with chemical agents.

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Glyoxylic Acid

Glyoxylic acid is an organic compound. Together with acetic acid, glycolic acid, and oxalic acid, glyoxylic acid is one of the C2 carboxylic acids. It occurs naturally and is useful industrially.

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Graphene Oxide

Graphene Oxide is one of those materials - it is a single-atomic layered material, made by the powerful oxidation of graphite, which is cheap and abundant. Graphene oxide is an oxidized form of graphene, laced with oxygen-containing groups. It is considered easy to process since it is dispersible in water (and other solvents), and it can even be used to make graphene. Graphene oxide is not a good conductor, but processes exist to augment its properties. It is commonly sold in powder form, dispersed, or as a coating on substrates. Graphene oxide is synthesized using four basic methods: Staudenmaier, Hofmann, Brodie and Hummers. Many variations of these methods exist, with improvements constantly being explored to achieve better results and cheaper processes. The effectiveness of an oxidation process is often evaluated by the carbon/oxygen ratios of the graphene oxide. Graphene Oxide has a high surface area, and so it can be fit for use as electrode material for batteries, capacitors and solar cells. Graphene oxide is fluorescent, which makes it especially appropriate for various medical applications. One of the advantages of the graphene oxide is its easy dispersability in water and other organic solvents, as well as in different matrices, due to the presence of the oxygen functionalities. This remains as a very important property when mixing the material with ceramic or polymer matrices when trying to improve their electrical and mechanical properties.

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Heptanoic Acid

Heptanoic acid is an organic compound composed of a seven-carbon chain terminating in a carboxylic acid. It contributes to the odor of some rancid oils. It is used in the preparation of esters, such as ethyl heptanoate, which are used in fragrances and as artificial flavors, as intermediates of liquid crystals. It is also one of many additives in cigarettes.

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Iodophor is Used in hand sanitizing solutions as antiseptics and disinfectants. Diluted iodophor is often used by brewers and winemakers to sanitize equipment and bottles. Diluted iodophor is also used extensively in the dairy industry


Iodophor is a federally approved contact sanitizer that is used widely by restaurant, beverage industry ,food production, and dairy industry.


Dark-brown, viscous, pourable liquid, miscible with water. 
Iodine complex with detergent, stabilizer & activity enhancer. 
Powerful, non-selective germicide, fungicide & bacterostatic composition with detergent.

‘IODOPHOR’ is nonirritant, nontoxic, nonstanding, noncorossive & odorless. 
‘IODOPHOR’ is disinfectant, cleaner & sanitizer. 
‘IODOPHOR’ is approved for bactaria, viruses, fungi etc. 

Indunal T 1420

Indunal T 1420 is terpolymeric carboxylated acrylic emulsion. It is used as acrylic thickener/binder for emulsion paints, water-based printings inks and overprint varnisher, emulsion paints and plasters.

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