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NORVIC® S64BM is used for slush molding; automotive mass; In mixture with resins for pastes; Spread coating of top layer and/or base layer; Rotational molding of products with low plasticization.

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NORVIC S80SA is a PVC homopolymer with high molecular weight.It has high porosity and as a consequence a high value of plasticizer absorption, high mechanical, physic-chemical and electric properties.

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Nickel Bromide

Nickel(II) bromide, NiBr2, is the nickel salt of hydrobromic acid.Nickel(II) bromide, like most nickel compounds, is toxic and a suspected carcinogen. It can cause contact dermatitis in skin. The bromide ion is also mildly toxic.

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Nickel Dioxide

Nickel Dioxide is used as oxidant for the transformation of alcohols into acids and hydrazones into diazoalkanes.

Nickel Formate

Nickel formate is important as a source of finely divided, catalytically active, metal, and is usually prepared either by metathetical reactions between the appropriate nickel salts and metal formates or by crystallizing the aqueous solution obtained by the reaction of formic acid with nickel carbonate, oxide, or hydroxide.

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p-Nitroaniline is an organic chemical compound, consisting of a phenyl group attached to an amino group which is para to a nitro group.It is commonly used as an intermediate in the synthesis of dyes, antioxidants, pharmaceuticals and gasoline, in gum inhibitors, poultry medicines, and as a corrosion inhibitor.

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Peracetic Acid

Peracetic acid is a organic compound. This organic peroxide is a colorless liquid with a characteristic acrid odor reminiscent of acetic acid. It can be highly corrosive. The main use of peracetic acid is for the industrial synthesis of epoxides. Peracetic acid is an ideal antimicrobial agent due to its high oxidizing potential.

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Phosgene Oxime

Phosgene oxime is an organic compound. It is a potent chemical weapon, specifically a nettle agent.


Phosphoman-124 is an organophosphonic acid offering multiple properties like sequestration, deflocculation, threshold inhibition and hydrolytic stability as a single active ingredient leading to a multiple of applications.

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