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Dark-brown, viscous, pourable liquid, miscible with water. 
Iodine complex with detergent, stabilizer & activity enhancer. 
Powerful, non-selective germicide, fungicide & bacterostatic composition with detergent. 

‘IODOPHOR’  is nonirritant, nontoxic, nonstanding, noncorossive & odorless. 
‘IODOPHOR’  is disinfectant, cleaner & sanitizer. 
‘IODOPHOR’  is approved for bactaria, viruses, fungi etc. 

Iron(II) Iodide

Iron(II) iodide is an useful iodine source for organic catalyst.

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Isoamyl Acetate

Isoamyl acetate is an organic compound that is the ester formed from isoamyl alcohol and acetic acid. It has a strong odor similar to Juicy Fruit or a pear drop which is also described as similar to both banana and pear. Banana oil is a term that is applied either to pure isoamyl acetate or to flavorings that are mixtures of isoamyl acetate, amyl acetate, and other flavors. It is used to confer banana flavor in foods. Pear oil commonly refers to a solution of isoamyl acetate in ethanol that is used as an artificial flavor. It is also used as a solvent for some varnishes and nitrocellulose lacquers, as well as being a honey bee pheromone and can be used to attract large groups of honeybees to a small area. As a solvent and carrier for materials such as nitrocellulose, it was extensively used in the aircraft industry for stiffening and wind-proofing fabric flying surfaces, where it and its derivatives were generally known as dope. Because of its intense, pleasant odor and its low toxicity, isoamyl acetate is used to test the effectiveness of respirators or gas masks.

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Isobutylbenzene is a basic raw material for manufacturing Ibuprofen, an Anti-inflammatory analgesic bulk drug and in synthesis of intermediates like ortho-Butyl Aniline and Para-Butyl Aniline. It is used in Perfume industry. It is also used as a specialty solvent.

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Isobutyric Acid

Isobutyric acid is a carboxylic acid. It is an isomer of n-butyric acid. It is used in the production of fibers, resins, plastics, and dyestuffs, and is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food additives.

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Isostearic Acid

Isostearic acid is a branched-chain fatty acid derived from vegetable oils or animal fats. It is used extensively in cosmetic and personal wash products where they provide good spreading, pleasant and non-tacky skinfeel, and excellent emolliency. It provides the hydrophobic portion of surface-active agents (Surfactants) which are used subsequently in the formulation of many consumer and industrial products. It has excellent solubility in a wide range of oils, and this property is exploited in its use as an emulsifier and dispersant. The superior lubricating properties of isostearic acid also find favour in applications where surface treatment or modification is desired. It is increasingly finding a role in industrial applications, where specific benefits are derived from its unique properties.

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KV-LITE FP–C6 is based on proteineous material, which gives good sealing and excellent burn back resistance. It is formulated with hydrolysed protein, fluorochemicals, metal salts, special stabilizers and preservatives to give the best performance and satisfactory storage. It is highly reliable, cost effective and efficient on massive hydro-carbon fires. It gives resistance to fuel pick-up and is suitable for sub-surface applications. It is suitable for long pre-burn fires on petroleum tank farm fires, oil jetties, refineries and offshore oil platforms.

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L-Phenylglycine is used in the field of organic synthesis.

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Lauramine Oxide

Lauramine oxide is an amine oxide surfactant. It is one of the most frequently-used surfactants of this type. Lauramine oxide is used as detergent, emulsifier, wetting agent, foaming agent, softener, milling agent and dyeing auxiliary. It is also can be used as sterilizing agent and antistatic agent, as a coagulant during metal plating.

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