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Silver Fluoride

Silver Fluoride is a compound of silver and fluorine. It is made from silver (I) carbonate and hydrofluoric acid. It finds most application in organofluorine chemistry for addition of fluoride across multiple bonds, and as silver source for use in oxygen-sensitive applications.

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Silver(I) Oxide

Silver(I) Oxide is the chemical compound with a fine black or dark brown powder that is used to prepare other silver compounds. Silver(I) Oxide can be prepared by combining aqueous solutions of silver nitrate and an alkali hydroxide. It is used in some silver-oxide batteries, as is the silver(I,III)oxide, Ag4O4.

Sodium Benzoate

Sodium benzoate is the sodium salt of benzoic acid and exists in this form when dissolved in water. It is a preservative. It is bacteriostatic and fungistatic under acidic conditions. It is used most prevalently in acidic foods. It is also found in alcohol-based mouthwash and silver polish. It can also be found in cough syrups like Robitussin. Some shampoos such as Pert 2-in-1 contain sodium benzoate as well. It is also used in fireworks as a fuel in whistle mix, a powder that emits a whistling noise when compressed into a tube and ignited. The fuel is also one of the fastest burning rocket fuels and provides a lot of thrust and smoke.

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Sodium Chromate

Sodium chromate is a chemical compound used as a corrosion inhibitor in the petroleum industry, a dyeing auxiliary in the textile industry, as a wood preservative, and as a diagnostic pharmaceutical in determining red blood cell volume. It is obtained from the reaction of sodium dichromate with sodium hydroxide. It is hygroscopic and can form tetra-, hexa-, and decahydrates.

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Sodium Ethoxide

Sodium ethoxide is used in wide range of applications in organic synthesis; Agrochemicals; Pharmaceuticals, colorants and aroma chemicals. It is also used in manufacturing detergents and biodiesel. They also act as catalysts in polymerization and isomerizations.

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Sodium Fluoride

Sodium fluoride is an inorganic chemical compound. It is a source of the fluoride ion in diverse applications. It is less expensive and less hygroscopic than the related salt potassium fluoride. It is used in laundry souring, manufacturing enamels, manufacturing coated papers, wood preservative , foam production, opal glass, ore flotation and water fluoridation.

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Sodium Peroxide

Sodium peroxide is an inorganic compound. This solid is the product when sodium is burned with oxygen. It is a strong base and a potent oxidizing agent. It was used to bleach wood pulp for the production of paper and textiles. Presently it is mainly used for specialized laboratory operations, e.g. the extraction of minerals from various ores. In chemistry preparations, sodium peroxide is used as an oxidising agent. It is also used as an oxygen source by reacting it with carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and sodium carbonate; it is thus particularly useful in scuba gear, submarines, etc.

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Solvent Naphtha

Solvent Naphtha is refined petroleum naphtha of restricted boiling range. It is used as an industrial solvent for cleaning, adhesives and paints. It is also used as a medium in oil paint manufacture and an ingredient in shoe polish.

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Spat Release™

Spat Release™ provides a safe and effective anti-spatter coating that prevents adhesion of welding spatters on nozzles, contact tips, jigs, fixtures, work pieces and robotics. It creates a thick film for heavy industrial welding and is excellent for use on all materials - especially stainless steel.

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Sulfur Trioxide

Sulfur trioxide is a significant pollutant, being the primary agent in acid rain. It is a corrosive compound, having three solid forms that may coexist in a given sample, used in the sulfonation of organic compounds.

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