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Synergel HB 125

Synergel HB 125 is used in industrial products, industrial and institutional cleaners, wood polishing products, metal working, and insect repellant.

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Synergel SC V50

Synergel SC V50 is used in industrial products, industrial and institutional cleaners, wood polishing products, metal working, and insect repellant.

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TORRENT IDI-100 is a multi-purpose demulsifier designed primarily for use in refinery desalting. TORRENT IDI-100 removes entrained salts in crude oil, reducing the likelihood of corrosion in refinery overheads. It facilitates excellent oil/water separation in a wide variety of oils ranging from very heavy to condensates. TORRENT IDI-100 is effective in treating tank bottoms and performs well in both paraffinic and asphaltic crudes.

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TORRENT IDI-200 is designed to effectively demulsify a large variety of crude, processed and refined oils. TORRENT IDI-200 is very effective in bulk tank treatment, as well as in the treatment of slop and tramp oil emulsions in both refinery and industrial settings. TORRENT IDI-200 enhances the efficiency of other demulsifier formulations, increasing the level of solid and salt removed.

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Therminol ADX10

Therminol ADX10 is a low viscosity, synthetic organic heat transfer fluid particularly recommended for indirect liquid phase process heating at medium temperatures up to 250°C. Therminol ADX10 is used in switch condensers, solar heating/solar power systems, specialty chemicals.

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Titanium Boride

Titanium Boride is an extremely hard compound composed of titanium and boron which has excellent resistance to mechanical erosion. Titanium Boride is also a reasonable electrical conductor, so it can be used as a cathode material in aluminium smelting and can be shaped by electrical discharge machining. Titanium Boride powder can be prepared by a variety of high-temperature methods, such as the direct reactions of titanium or its oxides/hydrides, with elemental boron over 1000 °C, carbothermal reduction by thermite reaction of titanium oxide and boron oxide, or hydrogen reduction of boron halides in the presence of the metal or its halides. It is extensively used as evaporation boats for vapour coating of aluminium. Titanium Boride is an attractive material for the aluminium industry as an inoculant to refine the grain size when casting aluminium alloys, because of its wettability by and low solubility in molten aluminium and good electrical conductivity.

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Tri-n-amylamine is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, quaternary ammonium compounds, agrochemicals, surfactants, lubricant additives, corrosion inhibitors, vulcanization accelerators and dyes.

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Triethoxy butane is a substitute for phenolic frothing agents in Cu-Pb and Zn cycles of sulphide ore flotation.

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