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Benzotrichloride is a chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbon. Benzotrichloride is produced by the free radical chlorination of toluene, catalysed by light or radical initiators such as dibenzoyl peroxide. It is principally used as an intermediate in the preparation of other chemical products such as dyes, used to make benzotrifluoride and hydroxybenzophenone ultraviolet-light stabilizers for plastics and in the production of ion-exchange resins, pharmaceuticals, and antimicrobial agents, used in the synthesis of benzoyl chloride and benzoyl peroxide.

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Benzoyl Chloride

We are offering our prestigious clients the best quality Benzoyl Chloride as the manufacturers, suppliers, traders, importers and exporters from Mumbai, India. All our top quality products are processed with the best in class ingredients that are in compliance with the industry standards. Moreover, our experts make use of best technology. This Benzoyl Chloride is mainly useful for production of peroxides, dyes, perfumes, pharmaceuticals and resins. This product is being offered at market competitive prices and in a timely manner.

Benzyl Mercaptan

Benzyl mercaptan is an organosulfur. It is a common laboratory alkylthiol and occurs in trace amounts naturally. Condensed tannins can undergo acid-catalyzed cleavage in the presence of a nucleophile like benzyl mercaptan. It has been identified in boxwood and is known to contribute to the smoky aroma of certain wines. The compound is used as a source of the thiol functional group in organic synthesis.

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Bromoacetic Acid

Bromoacetic acid is a relatively strong alkylating agent. Bromoacetic acid and its esters are widely used as chemical intermediates for the manufacturing other compounds and pharmaceuticlas.

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Bromocyclohexane is an organic compound.It is used to match the refractive index of PMMA for example in confocal microscopy of colloids. Bromocyclohexane can be prepared by the free radical substitution of bromine to the cyclohexane ring at high temperatures or in presence of electromagnetic radiation. Bromocyclohexane is used as an intermediate for the synthesis of pharmaceutucals, agrochemicals, dyes and other organic chemicals.

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Butyl Cellosolve

Butyl Cellosolve is a solvent for paints and surface coatings, as well as cleaning products and inks.Products that contain Butyl Cellosolve include acrylic resin formulations, asphalt release agents, firefighting foam, leather protectors, oil spill dispersants, degreaser applications, photographic strip solutions, whiteboard cleaners, liquid soaps, cosmetics, dry cleaning solutions, lacquers, varnishes, herbicides, latex paints, enamels, printing paste, and varnish removers, and silicone caulk.

Butyl Heptanoate

Butyl heptanoate is a chemical compound with molecular formula C11H22O2, and has a flash point 188 °F. It is used as flavor and fragrance agent.

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Butyl Levulinate

Butyl levulinate is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid mainly used as raw material for perfume.

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Cabelec® CA0887

Cabelec® CA0887 is a electrically conductive compound based on carbon black and a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. It has been specially developed to give very low volume resistivity and good flexibility.

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