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EDTA Dianhydride

EDTA dianhydride is used in organic synthesis.

Ethane Sulfonate

Ethane sulfonate finds its application in organic synthesis. It is also used in manufacture of cosmetics.

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Ethyl Cellosolve

Ethyl Cellosolve is a solvent used widely in commercial and industrial applications. Ethyl Cellosolve is a clear, colorless, nearly odorless liquid that is miscible with water, ethanol, diethyl ether, acetone, and ethyl acetate.

Formic Anhydride

Formic anhydride is a liquid that can be produced by reacting formic acid with N,N′-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide.It can be detected in the gas phase reaction of ozone with ethylene.


Fructosyl-Lysine is an Amadori adduct of glucose to lysine. It breaks down into furosine on acid-catalysed hydrolyis.

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Gelled Degreaser

Gelled Degreaser, a water based formula, utilizes non-hazardous cleaning agents to remove carbon, grease, oil, dirt and other organic deposits. It removes stubborn stains such as spray paint, road tar, stencil inks and other oil based stains and is easily removed by pressure rinsing, wet vac, scraping or wiping.

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Gold Monobromide

Gold Monobromide can be formed by synthesis from the elements or partial decomposition of gold(III) bromide by careful control of temperatures and pressures.

Gold Trichloride

Gold trichloride is a chemical compound of gold and chlorine. It is used as a mild acid catalyst for a variety of reactions.

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