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Dimethyl Sulfate

Dimethyl Sulfate is the diester of methanol and sulfuric acid. Dimethyl sulfate was first discovered in the early 19th century in an impure form.It may have been used in chemical warfare.Dimethyl sulfate can be synthesized in the laboratory by many different syntheses, the simplest being the esterification of sulfuric acid with methanol. Dimethyl sulfate is best known as a reagent for the methylation of phenols, amines, and thiols.

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Dimethyl Sulfide

Dimethyl sulphide supplied by Symrise GmbH & Co. is an organosulfur compound. It is a component of the smell produced from the cooking of certain vegetables, notably maize, cabbage, beetroot, and seafood. It is also an indication of bacterial infection in malt production and brewing. Buy Dimethyl Sulfide online to get chemicals at the best price and superior quality. Post chemical requirements to avail the chemicals from the top supplier and manufacturer of industrial chemicals.

EDTA Dianhydride

EDTA dianhydride is used in organic synthesis.

Ethane Sulfonate

Ethane sulfonate finds its application in organic synthesis. It is also used in manufacture of cosmetics.

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Ethyl Cellosolve

Ethyl Cellosolve is a solvent used widely in commercial and industrial applications. Ethyl Cellosolve is a clear, colorless, nearly odorless liquid that is miscible with water, ethanol, diethyl ether, acetone, and ethyl acetate.

Formic Anhydride

Formic anhydride is a liquid that can be produced by reacting formic acid with N,N′-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide.It can be detected in the gas phase reaction of ozone with ethylene.


Fructosyl-Lysine is an Amadori adduct of glucose to lysine. It breaks down into furosine on acid-catalysed hydrolyis.

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