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N-Ethylacetamide is used in organic synthesis, are also used as toughening agents, surfactants and solvents.

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N-Vinylformamide (VFA) is a raw material for homopolymers or co-polymers with acrylamide, acrylonitrile, acrylates or acrylic acid. The polymers are water-soluble and have applications in a number of fields. VFA can be used as a building block to make larger monomers and other compounds.

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Neophyl Chloride

Neophyl chloride is a halogenated organic compound with unusual nucleophilic substitution properties. It is used to form a versatile organolithium reagent, neophyl lithium, by reaction with lithium.

Nickel Carbonate

Nickel carbonate describes one or a mixture of inorganic compounds containing nickel and carbonate. The basic carbonate is an intermediate in the hydrometallurgical purification of nickel from its ores and is used in electroplating of Ni. Nickel carbonates are used in some ceramic applications and as precursors to catalysts.

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Nitrogen Dioxide

Nitrogen dioxide is a chemical compound. It is an intermediate in the industrial synthesis of nitric acid. It has been used as a catalyst in certain oxidation reactions, as an inhibitor to prevent polymerization of acrylates during distillation, as a nitrating agent for organic compounds, as an oxidizing agent, as a rocket fuel, as a flour bleaching agent and in increasing the wet strength of paper.

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Paraformaldehyde is the smallest polyoxymethylene. It is used as fumigant, disinfectant, fungicide, and fixation, and for the preparation of pure formaldehyde. Longer chain-length polyoxymethylenes are used as thermoplastic and are known as polyoxymethylene plastic. It was used in the past in the discredited Sargenti method of root canal treatment.

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Phosphorous Acid

Phosphorous acid is used as reducing agents in chemical industry because of easy oxidation property to phosphoric acid. It is used as antioxidant, stabilizer and chelating agent in plastic system,solvent in paint and as flame retardant on fibres. It is also used as a chemical intermediate in the production of pharmaceutical ingredients, pesticides, optical brighteners and in lubricant additives and adhesives.

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Polyisocyanurate is essentially an improvement on polyurethane. PIR is typically produced as a foam and used as rigid thermal insulation. PIR foam panels laminated with pure embossed aluminium foil are used for fabrication of pre-insulated duct that is used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Prefabricated PIR sandwich panels are manufactured with corrosion-protected, corrugated steel facings bonded to a core of PIR foam and used extensively as roofing insulation and vertical walls. Other typical uses for PIR foams include industrial and commercial pipe insulation, and carving/machining media.

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