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Sodium Phosphide

Sodium phosphide is a ionic salt containing the alkali metal sodium and the phosphide anion. It is a source of the highly reactive phosphide anion. It is also employed commercially as a catalyst in conjunction with zinc phosphide and aluminium phosphide for polymer production.

Sodium Saccharin

sodium saccharin

Sodium Telluride

Sodium telluride is a chemical compound. This salt is the conjugate base of the thermally unstable acid hydrogen telluride, but it is usually prepared by reduction of tellurium with sodium. It is a challenging material to handle because it is very sensitive to air. It finds use in organic synthesis, both as a reagent for reductions and as a source of Te in the synthesis of organotellurium compounds.

Sodium Tellurite

Sodium tellurite is an inorganic tellurium compound. It is a weak reducing agent. It is an intermediate in the extraction of the element, tellurium; it is a mineral obtained from slimes and is a precursor to tellurium. It improves the corrosion resistance of electroplated nickel layers. Solutions of sodium tellurite are used for black or blue-black coatings on iron, steel, aluminum, and copper. In microbiology, sodium tellurite can be added to the growth medium to isolate bacteria with an inherent physiological resistance to its toxicity.

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Stearyl Chloride

Stearyl chloride is a clear white solvent. It is used as an intermediate to manufacture surfactant, pharmaceuticals and other organic compounds.

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Succindialdehyde is an organic compound. Typical of other dialdehyde, succindialdehyde is highly reactive. Usually, it is handled as the hydrates or methanol-derived acetal. It is a precursor to tropinone. It is used as a crosslinking agent but is less widely used than the related dialdehyde glutardialdehyde.

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