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2-Iodo Ethanol

The standard molar enthalpy of 2-iodoethanol formation has been studied2.

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2-Iodo Methyl Benzoate

2-Iodo Methyl Benzoate,610-97-9

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2-Iodo Nitro Benzene

1-Iodo-2-nitrobenzene was used in one step synthesis of 2-(2-Pyridyl)-3H-indol-3-one N-Oxide1. 1-Iodo-2-nitrobenzene was used in the synthesis of 1-(2-Nitrophenyl)-1H-indole in the presence of PEG3400 (poly(ethylene glycol))–Cs2CO3–copper pre-catalyst under microwave activation2

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Clear pale yellow to red coloured liquid.

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