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Industrial sodium hypochlorite, more commonly known as bleach, is a well-known disinfectant intended for use in a variety of commercial applications, including-Sanitizers of surfaces (e.g. wooden butcher blocks, stainless steel tops, concrete floors, tile walls),Sanitizers of commercial and household laundry,Agents to wash or assist in lye peeling of fruits and vegetables,Disinfectant of poultry drinking water,Disinfectants of human drinking water (emergency/ public/individual), swimming pool water, Hubbard/ immersion tank water, spas/hot tubs, hydrotherapy pools, human drinking water systems (e.g water mains),Disinfectants of nonporous hard surfaces (e.g. tile, glass, stainless steel, fiberglass);Agents to help control microorganisms in sewage, wastewater, industrial and pulp and paper process water systems,Algaecides/slimicides in cooling towers or evaporative condensers,Agents to help control algae and bacteria in fish and lobster ponds/tanks and conditioning oysters,Agent for use in which US EPA has accepted the required data and/or citations of data submitted by formulator in support of registration.


Sodium metasilicate is commonly known for industrial cleaning and detergent applications. Sodium metasilicate is used in insecticides, fungicides, and antimicrobial compounds, and laundry, dairy, metal, and floor cleaning. Sodium metasilicate is also used as an additive in soaps and synthetic detergents, as an ingredient in adhesives, and as a bleaching aid.


Trisodium phosphate is an inorganic compound with major uses as a cleaner, lubricant, food additive, stain remover, and degreaser. As a cleaner, it is sufficiently basic to saponify grease and oils and is excellent at cleaning anything from textiles to stone. It is largely used as an antioxidant when used as a food additive.

Triisobutyl phosphate

Triisobutyl phosphate

Trimellitic Anhydride

Trimellitic Anhydride

n-Butyl vinyl ether

n-Butyl vinyl ether is mainly used as reactive diluent, for example in the radiation curing of hybrid polymer coatings for paints, inks, adhesives, etc., which transform within a few seconds to a solid state through a chemical reaction, and as co-monomer (with Olefins, Siloxanediols and Diisocyantes for example). In coatings a solid and dry film is formed.n-Butyl Vinyl Ether (NBVE) can further be used alone to prepare homopolymers for adhesives, paints, lubricators, elastomers, etc.


Ammonium Thiosulfate is a liquid fertilizer that serves as an effective source of sulfur to crops. It provides prolonged sulfur exposure by providing equal amounts of sulfate and elemental sulfur.

Calcium Chloride >74%

Calcium Chloride 74% 77% 94%

Calcium Chloride is an inorganic salt, which exists as solid or liquid. Solid calcium chloride is a white, crystal substance in the form of flake, granule, pellet or powder. With different crystallized water contents, it can be dihydrate or anhydrous. Liquid calcium chloride is a colorless, clear solution. As calcium chloride has such properties as quick dissolving, exothermic ability, attracting moisture from the air and surroundings, dissolving at very low temperature.

Item  Standard

  • 74% Flakes/ Granular 77% Flakes/ Granular
  • Calcium chloride as CaCl2  ≥74%  ≥77%
  • Total alkali chloride as NaCl  ≤7.0%  ≤5.0%
  • Total magnesium as Mgci2  ≤0.5%  ≤0.5%
  • Alkalinity as Ca(OH)2  ≤0.4%  ≤0.4%
  • Insoluble in water  ≤0.3%  ≤0.2% 

Item  Standard

  • 94% Prills 94% Powder
  • Calcium chloride  ≥94.0%  ≥94.0%
  • Magnesium and alkali chloride(NaCl)  ≤5.5%  ≤3.5%
  • Water insolubles  ≤0.2%  ≤0.2%
  • Alkalinity[Ca(OH)2]  ≤0.35%  ≤0.3%
  • Sulfate(CaSO4)  ≤0.2%  ≤0.2%
  • FE  ≤0.1%  ≤0.1%


  1. They are widely used in highway, expressway, parking lot and port to melting snow and ice.
  2. Used as dryer, as anti-fog, and anti-dust agent also fireproof agent.
  3. Protective agent and refining agent for petroleum/oil field.
  4. Pigment assistance agent of textile. It is a kind of raw material.
  5. It acts as flocculation in water treatment.
  6. Be used in waste paper processing as removing printing ink agent.
  7. As anti-freezing agent.
  8. As dehydration agent.
  9. Food additive: as cryogen are used in ice cream, as stable agent/coagulant used in bean products, drink and beer.

Ethylbenzyl chloride

Connect Chemicals has been the leading manufacturer of Ethylbenzyl Chloride (EBC) for over a decade. EBC is produced in our production site in LinYi City, China, which was newly built in 2014 to extend the production capacity of Ethyl Benzyl Chloride further up to 2500 tons. Ethylbenzyl Chloride is used as an intermediate for the production of N,N’-Alkyldimethylethylbenzylchloride, an active ingredient for a series of registered quaternary Ammonium compound (Quats) formulations. Ethylbenzyl Chloride based Quats are cationic materials only for formulation into a wide variety of institutional and industrial cleaning applications, water treatment, gas/oil drilling muds and packer fluids, gas/oil recovery injection water systems and wood preservation products. Ethylbenzylchloride based Quats function as Algaecides, Antimicrobials, Deodorizers, Disinfectants, Fungicides, Preservatives and Sanitizers. Ethylbenzyl Chlorideis used in the synthesis of Florazone (4-Ethyl-α,α-dimethylbenzenepropanal) which is applied in the flavor and fragrance industry to design ozone and aquatic as well as floral (lily) notes.

Isopropyl Alcohol USP

Our company has gained immense recognition in this domain for importing and exporting an excellent assortment of Isopropanol. We are offering highly inflammable organic chemical. We source these alcohols from certified vendors, who use superior grade components during formulation. Due to attributes such as accurate composition, purity and precise pH value, this Isopropanol is highly demanded among our clients. These alcohols are highly used in cements, synthetic polymers, paints, pharmaceutical products and manufacturing of electronic parts.

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