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Dow Corning 2-1865

Dow Corning 2-1865 is translucent, 40% active, pourable anionic/non-ionic microemulsion with a polydimethylsiloxane/cyclic blend internal phase.

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Dow Corning 2-3101

Dow corning 2-3101 is highly efficient active foam control emulsion for industrial aqueous systems. It is recommended for fast foam knockdown and also when foam control is needed during the end-use of formulated products.

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Dow Corning 2-5009

Dow corning 2-5009 is a non-ionic, 50% active emulsion based on alkylaryl polysiloxane.

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Element14 PDMS 100

Element14 PDMS 100 medium viscosity oils are linear polydimethylsiloxane polymers. Element14 PDMS medium viscosity oils may be considered for use in heat and mechanical transfer fluids, hydraulic fluid electrical insulating fluids, water repellents, lubricants, personal care ingredient, textile spin finishes etc. The key features are it has high and low temperature stability, it has oxidative stability, it is chemically inert, it has low vapor pressure and further has non-oily feel.

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Enviro Spat® Plus

Enviro Spat® Plus includes an added component to provide extra cling for vertical and overhead applications.

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Ethyl Bromoacetate

Ethyl Bromoacetate is the ethyl ester of bromoacetic acid and is prepared in two steps from acetic acid. It is a lachrymator and has a fruity, pungent odor. Ethyl Bromoacetate is also a highly toxic alkylating agent and may be fatal if inhaled. Ethyl bromoacetate was used to prepare reversibly photoresponsive coumarin-stabilized polymeric nanoparticles in an aqueous medium, which act as a detectable drug carrier.

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Ethyl Iodide PURE

ethyl iodide is an excellent ethylating agent. It is also used as the hydrogen radical promoter.

Ethyl acetoacetate

Ethyl acetoacetate is a organic compound ethyl acetoacetate is the ethyl ester of acetoacetic acid. It is mainly used as a chemical intermediate in the production of a wide variety of compounds, such as amino acids, analgesics, antibiotics, antimalarial agents, antipyrine and aminopyrine, and vitamin B1; as well as the manufacture of dyes, inks, lacquers, perfumes, plastics, and yellow paint pigments. Alone, it is used as a flavoring for food.

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Flame Retardant CU

FR-CU is an kind of efficient cyclic phosphonate flame retardant. It contains high phosphorus with an excellent water solubility. It could be applied in the fabric for inner vestee used in bulidings, curtainings and cars and special workwear. It is particularly suitable for the treatment of polyester fabrics, T/C blends and PU coating to impart the fabric to have the flame-stop effect.

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