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Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate

SulfozymeAgro India is expertise in offering high-quality light blue-green colored Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate. Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate which has applications in many industries finds major application in the reduction of chromate in fertilizers, cement industries.

Glyceryl Triacetate Technical

Triacetin is used for the solidification of acetyl cellulose fibres in the manufacture of cigarette filters. The water content must be kept constant to achieve constant solidification.
Triacetin is also used as a support for flavourings and essences in the food industry and as a plasticiser for chewing gum.
In technical applications, Triacetin is used for example as a core sand binder in the metal foundry sector. Another application is inks and printing inks. Triacetin is used as a highly-effective plasticiser for cellulose-based plastics.

UHMWPE Industrial Grade 100%

wear resistant uhmwpe powder 
1.for making uhmwpe products 
2.high impact/corrosion resistance 
3.anti-low temperature 

UHMWPE [Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene] is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with a viscosity-average molecular weigh greater than 1.5×106, and is made by polymerization of ethylene under the action of a catalyst. Its molecular weight has reached over 5 million, its five properties of abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance, self-lubrication, and absorption of impact energy are the best among the available plastics. It is called globally “marvelous plastics” UHMWPE, a new star of materials, will present a vigorous life and play an important part in many regions of the national economy.
The company cooperates with the New Technology office of the Shanghai Chemical industry Research institute, develops together the UHMWPE tubing materials (SLL-PG) and ultra wear-resisting tubing material (SLL-NG), the many domestic and foreign tubing processing enterprise satisfy to this company tubing materials whose special needed materials mach inability, the tubing processing and the quality are excellent extremely. The pipe diameter amounts to 80 centimeters at most greatly.
Characteristics of UHMWPE powder
1. Outstanding impact strength even at very low temperature.
2. Excellent sliding abrasion resistance, wear strength several times as large as steel.
3. Very low coefficient of friction.
4. Nonstick, self-lubrication properties.
5. Good chemical resistance.
6. Excellent anti-aging.
7. Hygienic and nontoxic
8. Lightweight.
9. Hydrophobic, energy absorption and sound-dampening properties.
10. Excellent dielectric and insulating properties.
Typical Applications of UHMWPE powder
Applications of UHMWPE powder are very extensive and it mainly applies to following aspects: 
1. Building machinery, agriculture machinery, mining machinery; e.g. liners for silos, hoppers, dump trucks, railcars and chutes. 
2. Transporting machinery: sliding guide, guide roll, bushing.
3. Packing, container and tubing: open-type pot, bucket, gasoline tank, gas tube, conveying tube of grain.
4. Pulp and paper industry: doctor blade, suction box cover, filter, chain conveyor plate and dewatering plate.
5. Textile machinery: loom picker, shuttle, stick, strap, cap, buffer, gear, pinion and small roller.
6. Chemical industry: pump impeller, pump housing, valve seats and valve gasket.
7. Medical, macromolecular material: artificial articulation, surgical parts.
8. Sport goods: ski and snowboard bottom surface, snowmobile drive sprocket, golf ball core.
9. Aviation and military: bulletproof vest, aircraft seat.
10. Others: lead-acid battery separator, screen plate of nuclear power plant, fishing rope

Trimethylolpropane triacrylate

Trimethylolpropane triacrylate

3-Chlorobenzonitrile MIN 99.0%

This product is used as General Industrial Fine Chemical



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