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3-Bromobenzaldehyde is prepared by treating benzaldehyde with bromine chloride in the presence of aluminum chloride and a solvent, under specified conditions.

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3-Iodo Benzoic Acid

3-Iodobenzoic acid is added as UV absorbing background electrolyte in separation of uncharged cyclodextrins and their derivatives by capillary electrophoresis2.


3-Methoxy-1-butanol has good dissolving power for many natural resins, nitrocellulose, benzyl cellulose, polyvinyl butyrals, aldehyde, ketone and indene resins etc. 3-Methoxy butanol is a low-volatility solvent, has similar advantages to n-Butanol. It is used in nitrocellulose brush lacquers to improve brush ability and flow. Small additions considerably reduce the viscosity of alkyd resin and oleo resinous paints and improve their brush ability.

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3-Methyl-3-Pentanol is an organic chemical compound. It is used in the synthesis of the tranquilizer emylcamate, and as a solvent and flotation agent.

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4-Aminobenzaldehyde can be used as intermediate of pharmaceutical and dye. It is also used in organic synthesis.

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