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N-Methyl Pyrrolidone

N-Methyl Pyrrolidone is a chemical compound with 5-membered lactam structure. It is a clear to slightly yellow liquid miscible with water and solvents like ethyl acetate, chloroform, benzene and lower alcohols or ketones. It also belongs to the class of dipolar aprotic solvents which includes also dimethylformamide, dimethylacetamide and dimethyl sulfoxide.Its derivatives are used as intermediates for the synthesis of agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, textile auxiliaries, plasticizers, stabilizers and specialty inks.

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Nickel(II) Hydroxide

Nickel(II) Hydroxide is an insoluble compound with strong redox properties and widespread industrial and laboratory applications. It most commonly is used in rechargeable battery electrodes, by oxidation to nickel(III) oxide-hydroxide. Nickel(II) Hydroxide is frequently used in electrochemical cells.

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O-Ethylhydroxylamine is an useful intermedaite to produce pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. It is used in the stereoselective reduction of ketones. It is used as a reagent for the protection and derivatization of keto-groups of steroids particularly. It is used to detect sugars and amino sugars in glycoproteins.

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Oleic Diethanolamide

Oleic diethanolamide is an excellent water-in-oil emulsifier, pigment dispersant and a good viscosity builder. It is used as an effective dispersant for mineral clays or pigments and as an emulsifier for all types of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents, oil additives, polymer materials antistatic agents, anti-friction agents, boiler cleaning rust dispersant and fiber processing lubricants.

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Phosphorus Pentoxide

Phosphorus pentoxide is the anhydride of phosphoric acid. It is a powerful desiccant. It is used in synthesis of phosphorus oxychloride, metaphosphoric acid. It is also used in manufacture of acrylate, surface active agent, in refining of drugs and sugar.Phosphorous pentoxide is used as dehydrating agent, desiccant, antistatic agent, analytical reagent.

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Polyvinylpyrrolidone is a water-soluble polymer made from the monomer N-vinylpyrrolidone. It was used as a blood plasma expander. It is used as a binder in many pharmaceutical tablets. It is also used as additive for batteries, ceramics, fiberglass, inks, inkjet paper and in the chemical-mechanical planarization process, use in aqueous metal quenching, for production of membranes, such as dialysis and water purification filters.

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Primary Amyl Acetate

Primary Amyl Acetate is derived mixture of 1-pentyl acetate and 2-methyl-1-butyl acetate. It is a non hazardous air pollutant solvent with good resin solvency for low formulation viscosity and high electrical resistivity for electrostatically sprayed coatingselectrical resistivity for electrostatically sprayed coatings.

Primary Amyl Alcohol

Primary Amyl Alcohol is a colorless liquid with a mild and characteristic odor that is miscible with common organic solvents.

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