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2-Iodoxybenzoic Acid

61717-82-6,2-Iodoxybenzoic Acid 

2-Nitrobenzyl Bromide

2-Nitrobenzyl bromide has been used as intermediates of Organic synthesis.

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2-Nitrocinnamaldehyde is an organic aromatic compound containing a nitro group ortho- to the 1-position of cinnamaldehyde. It can be oxidized to 2-nitrocinnamic acid which can be used in the Baeyer-Emmerling indole synthesis to produce indole and substituted indoles.

2-Octyl Cyanoacrylate

2-Octyl cyanoacrylate is an cyanoacrylate ester used in medical adhesives. It is closely related to octyl cyanoacrylate.

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