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Dimethyl Propane Phosphonate Industrial Grade

Levagard® DMPP is used as flame retardant for PIR / PUR rigid foams and thermosets.

Butylated Triphenyl Phosphate Industrial Grade

Disflamoll® 51092 is used as a plasticizing flame retardant in flexible PVC. It can also be used as a flame
retardant for polyurethanes and elastomers.

Tris (2-ethylhexyl) Phosphate Industrial Grade

Disflamoll® TOF is a phosphate plasticizer offering excellent low temperatures properties as well as good
resistance to weathering. It is suitable for use in many types of polymers including flexible PVC, PUR, NBR, SBR
and EPDM. It is a strong, moderately polar solvent.
Disflamoll® TOF is also used as a solvent in the production of hydrogen peroxide, as a carrier for pigments in the
manufacture of pigment pastes for plastics and as an additive for mineral oils.

2-Phosphonobutane-1.2.4.-tricarboxylic acid 4Na

​2-Phosphonobutane-1,2,4,-tricarboxylic Acid tetra sodium salt (PBTC 4Na) is available as a 41% aqueous solution. It is a very effective scale inhibitor used in various industrial applications.Due its higher performance properties it is a very cost effective inhibitor compared to standard Phosphonates such as HEDP/ ATMP. This is mainly due to superior stability to chlorine, bleach and bromine. In cooling water PBTC 4Na performs well at high PH or temperatures. It further shows high effectiveness in high alkaline solutions such as industrial cleaners.

4,4'-Bis-(2-sulfostyryl)-biphenyl disodium salt

4,4'-Bis-(2-sulfostyryl)-biphenyl disodium salt is an optical brightener (fluorescent whitening agent which absorbs UV radiation and re-emits visible blue light) which gives a bright neutral white shade to cellulosic and synthetic fabrics. 4,4'-Bis-(2-sulfostyryl)-biphenyl disodium salt is lightfast, chlorine stable, highly soluble and achieves high level of whiteness and brightness from cold to medium washing temperature, even by short washing time.

Magnesium chloride hexahydrate Industrial Grade 98%

Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate

1.Metallurgical industry
It is used for the manufacture of refractory materials and the adhesives of the furnace arm, and is the raw material for the production of No. 2 flux and the smelting of metal magnesium.
2.chemical industry
Mainly used for the production of various magnesium salts, such as magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate, firecrackers solidification agent, also used as a raw material for antifreeze.
3.Building materials
Made of hard and corrosion-resistant magnesia cement with magnesia (MgO), it can be made into artificial marble, bitter tile, floor, ceiling, decorative board, fire board, greenhouse bracket, inorganic fiberglass greenhouse frame, magnesia heat preservation chicken Houses, Wave Color Tiles, Ventilation Pipes, Partition Boards, Magnesite Covers, Bathtubs, Window Frames, and Mobile Homes. Used as antifreeze winter construction.
mechanical industry
In daily life, the use of magnesite can be made into mechanical packing boxes, triangle mats and furniture, etc. It is a good material for "substituting materials by soil".
5.Food Industry
It is a protein coagulant. The tofu made by using bittern (food-grade magnesium chloride aqueous solution) is much more delicious than tofu made from plaster, and is also used as an additive for some foods.
6.Transportation Industry
It is used as a snow melting agent for roads. It has a fast ice speed and is less corrosive to vehicles. It is more effective than sodium chloride. ?
Made of magnesium chloride "halogen" can be used for medicinal purposes.
It can be used as magnesium fertilizer, potassium magnesium fertilizer and cotton defoliant.
In addition, it can be used as a coal mine fireproofing agent, road dustproof agent, and stable soil.

Tris (2-chloroisopropyl) Phosphate Industrial Grade

Levagard® PP is especially suitable as flame retardant for polyurethanes, in particular PIR / PUR-rigid foams, as
well as for thermosets.

Tetrasodium N,N-bis(carboxylatomethyl)-L-glutamate

Tetrasodium N,N-bis(carboxylatomethyl)-L-glutamate is a safe and readily biodegradable sequestrant, which has an excellent eco & toxicological profile. It can be used as alternative to NTA, EDTA, phosphates and phosphonates. It has an exceptional high solubility over a wide pH range and is based on a natural and sustainable source

D-Glucopyranose, oligomeric, C10-16 alkyl glycosides

D-Glucopyranose, oligomeric, C10-16 alkyl glycosides are a class of non-ionic surfactants widely used in a variety of household and industrial applications. They are derived from sugars and fatty alcohols; therefore, they are generally favoured for their manufacture from renewable resources.The raw materials for industrial manufacture are typically starch and fat, and the final products are typically complex mixtures of compounds with different sugars comprising the hydrophilic end and alkyl groups of variable length comprising the hydrophobic end. When derived from glucose, they are known as Alkyl Polyglucosides, (APGs).

1-Hydroxyethylidene-1,1-diphosphonic acid tetrasodium salt

1-Hydroxyethylidene-1,1-diphosphonic acid tetrasodium salt (HEDP 4Na) is a cost effective scale inhibitor used in various industrial applications such as industrial water treatment and detergents. It further shows good stability in presence of chlorine as well as corrosion inhibition properties in presence of zinc and other phosphates.

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