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Aluminium Monochloride

Aluminium Monochloride is a metal halide of aluminum and chlorine. It is produced as a step in the Alcan process to smelt aluminium from an aluminium-rich alloy.

Aluminium Monofluoride

Aluminium Monofluoride elusive species is formed by the reaction between aluminium trifluoride and metallic aluminium at elevated temperatures but quickly reverts to the reactants when cooled.

Antimony Pentachloride

Antimony pentachloride is a chemical compound. It is used in analytical testing for caesium and alkaloids, for dyeing, and as an intermediate in chemical synthesis. It is also a strong oxidizing agent.

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Antimony Pentafluoride

Antimony Pentafluoride is the inorganic compound. Antimony pentafluoride is prepared by the reaction of antimony pentachloride with anhydrous hydrogen fluoride. It can also be prepared from antimony trifluoride and fluorine. Antimony pentafluoride has also been used in the first discovered chemical reaction that produces fluorine gas from fluoride compounds. Antimony Pentafluoride is a water insoluble Antimony source for use in oxygen-sensitive applications, such as metal production. Antimony Pentafluoride is generally immediately available in most volumes.

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ArChine Arcsyn HTG 180

ArChine Arcsyn HTG 180 is recommended for use in anti friction and plain bearings. It is also used in threaded spindles, gears, worms and similar parts exposed to high pressure and extreme temperatures. Extremely well suited for a wide temperature range, high loads, vibrations, high speed and open air conditions.

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ArChine Arcsyn LIB 120

ArChine Arcsyn LIB 120 is a synthesis grease. It suits of lubricating electrical machine and drive system.

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