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Himol (Polyisobutylene)

Polyisobutylene is composed of long-chain hydrocarbon formed by polymerization of isobutene, It is transparent nonnoxious high-consistency semi-solid polymer free of impurities.It is made of polyisoprene, which is not gas impermeable. Because polyisobutylene will hold air, it is used to make things like the inner liner of tires, and the inner liners of basketballs.

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Sunsol IP600 (Isohexane)

Sunsol IP600 (Isohexane) is a clear, colorless liquid that is used in a variety of ways, such as in break cleaners, polymerization solvents, adhesives, and the like.

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Naphtesol (Naphtenic Solvent)

Naphtesol is a hydrocarbon solvent based on naphthene, developed in-house through a unique production method. Naphtesol is an environmentally-friendly, low-smell, lowpollution, low-toxicity solvent perfectly suited to the world's increasing environmental protection needs.

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Nisseki Polybutene (Polybutene)

Nisseki Polybutene is a series of isobutylene and nbutylene polymers composed of isobutylene predominantely. It has a molecular structure of long chain carbon hydride. Nisseki Polybutene is very stable under normal condition. It is also transparent, impurities free and nontoxic liquid polymer.

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1,1,2-Trichloro-1,2,2-Trifluoroethane is used as a cooling agent in refrigerants and air conditioners, aerosol propellant, and a cleansing agent for electrical and electronic components. It is a very volatile and apolar molecule so it is used as a foaming agent in the production of packaging material, insulation, foams for cushioning, and shoe soles. It has a low flammability and low toxicity and hence is also used as a cleaner for delicate electrical equipment, fabrics, and even metals.

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Aluminium Sulfate

Aluminium Sulfate is also called alum, is a white crystalline solid with hygroscopic nature. It is produced from by reaction between aluminum hydroxide and sulfuric acid. Aluminum Sulfate has the chemical formula Al2(SO4)3. There is a wide variety of aluminium sulfate uses are in textiles, paper, coagulating agent in water treatment, and also in construction waterproofing agent. Buy Aluminium Sulphate from Bei jing kang pu hui wei Technology Co., Ltd a well known Aluminium Sulfate supplier used for industrial purposes. Post your requirement to buy Aluminium Sulfate Online at the premium quality and affordable price.


An emulsion of ASA is prepared with cationic starch or polymer by passing through high shear equipment. The ASA emulsion imparts resistance to water penetration of paper or paperboard. The advantage of using ASA is that full curing is achieved on the machine. This is not the case with less reactive sizing agents such as AKD.

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H2S is the chemical compound with the formula H2S. It is a colorless, very poisonous, flammable gas with the characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs. It often results from the bacterial breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen.


Tin is a main group metal in group 14 of the periodic table. It is obtained chiefly from the mineral cassiterite, where it occurs as tin dioxide. It is used to coat other metals to prevent corrosion. It has long been used as a solder in the form of an alloy with lead. Another large application for tin is corrosion-resistant tin plating of steel. Because of its low toxicity, tin-plated metal is also used for food packaging, giving the name to tin cans, which are made mostly of steel. Tin in combination with other elements forms a wide variety of useful alloys. It is most commonly alloyed with copper. Window glass is most often made via floating molten glass on top of molten tin in order to make a flat surface. Tin(II) fluoride is added to some dental care products as stannous fluoride. Of all the chemical compounds of tin, the organotin compounds are most heavily used. The major commercial application of organotin compounds is in the stabilization of PVC plastics. Organotin compounds can have a relatively high toxicity, which is both advantageous and problematic. They have been used for their biocidal effects in fungicides, pesticides, algaecides, wood preservatives, and antifouling agents. Some tin reagents are useful in organic chemistry. In the largest application, stannous chloride is a common reducing agent for the conversion of nitro and oxime groups to amines.

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Agar is a gelatinous substance derived by boiling a polysaccharide in red algae, where it accumulates in the cell walls of agarophyte and serves as the primary structural support for the algae's cell walls.Agar exhibits hysteresis, melting at 85 °C and solidifying from 32-40 °C.Agar is used throughout the world to provide a solid surface containing medium for the growth of bacteria and fungi. Agar-Agar is used in dairy based products like yoghurts, ice- creams, mousses, chocolate milks, custard tarts, custards, etc. It is a cost effective stabilizer for dairy products where water retention is of importance. It can also be mixed with other colloids to improve their final texture.

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