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Bis(chloromethyl) ether is an organic compound. It is one of the chloroalkyl ethers. This colourless liquid is used for chloromethylation of aromatic substrates. It is produced industrially from paraformaldehyde and a mixture of chlorosulfonic acid and sulfuric acid

Brown Aluminum Oxide

Brown Fused Alumina (Brown Aluminum Oxide) is made from a mixture of high quality bauxite, anthracite and scrape iron  by fusing in electric-arc furnace at high temperature above 2000℃, processed with cone crusher, rolling machine or ball grinding mill or barmac crusher by dressing, magnetism removing and very carefully sieve-classifying, then the crystallized ingot becomes various grains with high density ,hardness and great toughness, good self-sharpening and excellent grinding properties.Our fused alumina is made into many shapes and grit sizes ranging from macrogrits to microgrits and powders
It is suitable for manufacturing vitrified and resin bonded abrasives ,coated abrasives, for lapping polishing and sand blasting. The abrasive tools made of brown aluminum oxide are fit for grinding carbon steel, normal alloy steel, malleable cast iron and hard bronze etc. It can be also used as superior refractory materials ,aluminum oxide lining mixture and castable materials etc.

Butyl Benzyl Phthalate

Benzylbutylphthalate is a phthalate, an ester of phthalic acid, benzyl alcohol and n-butanol. It is mostly used as a plasticizer for PVC. It is considered a toxicant. It is commonly used as a plasticizer for vinyl foams, which are often used as floor tiles. Other uses are in traffic cones, food conveyor belts, and artificial leather.

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Butyl Carbitol Acetate

Butyl Carbitol Acetate is a high boiling, slow evaporating ester solvent that provides a good balance of volatility, solvency and water solubility. This solvent provides excellent film formation and formulation stability for coatings, and its mild, nonresidual odor makes it ideal for use in interior latex products.

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Calcium Iodide Hydrate

71626-98-7,Calcium Iodide Hydrate

Calcium Lignosulfonate

Calcium lignosulfonate can be used as concrete water-reducing material, thinner for cement pulp, sand reinforcement material, pesticide emulsion, mill run dispersant, leather pre-tanning material, plastics adding material for porcelain of fire resistant material, grouting jello for oil well or dam and so on. At present calcium lignosulphate is widely used in such industries as building industry, water and electricity, metallurgy, pesticide, petroleum, mining and porcelain industries, etc.

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Ceric Ammonium Nitrate

Ceric ammonium nitrate is an inorganic compound. It is widely used as an oxidizing agent in organic synthesis and as a standard oxidant in quantitative analysis. It is also an important component of chrome etchant, a material that is used in the production of photomasks and liquid crystal displays.

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Chlorine Pentafluoride

Chlorine pentafluoride was first synthesized in 1963. It is a strong fluorinating agent. While unreactive with first row nonmetals except carbon, it reacts readily with second and third row nonmetals at room temperature except chlorine. It is used as an oxidizer in propellants.

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