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cis-1,2-Dichloroethene is used as a solvent for waxes, resins, polymers, fats, and lacquers. It is also used as an intermediate in the preparation of other chlorinated solvents.

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Isopentyl phenylacetate is a chemical compound with molecular formula C13H18O2. It serves mainly as flavor and fragrance agents.

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p-Methylbenzyl Alcohol

p-Methylbenzyl alcohol is employed to investigate the divergent effects of p-xylene on pulmonary and hepatic metabolism.

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p-Toluenesulfonic Acid

p-Toluenesulfonic acid is is a strong organic acid. It is non-oxidizing chemical compound. Toluenesulfonic acid finds use in organic synthesis as an "organic-soluble" acid catalyst.

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petroleum Purified 99%

Heavy Aromatic Solvents

Heavy Aromatic Solvents Napthalene Depleted Series

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picric acid LAB GRADE

Appearance (Colour)

Pale yellow

Appearance (Form)


Solubility (Turbidity) 1% aq. solution



min. 99.8%


sodium salt Technical

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Product Description


1. Formula: Na2SO4

2. Molecular Weight: One hundred forty two point zero four

3. Characteristics: White crystal, easily dissolvable in water

4. Use as producing materials of: Barium Sulfate, Synthetic Detergent, Glass, Paper, Dye, Leather, Medicament, etc.

5. Measure Standard: The internal standard is formulated by state standard

6. Packing: Polypropylene fabric bag lined with plastic bag

7. Weight:25/ 50/1000Kg bags

sulphuric acid >96-98

Sulfuric acid is one of the most widely used chemicals in industry, used in the production of nearly all manufactured goods. Its primary application is in the production of phosphoric acid, used to produce phosphate fertilizers, as well as ammonium sulfate, a nitrogen fertilizer important for use in sulfur-deficient soils. It is also used as a cleaning agent in the automotive, appliances, and other industries to “pickle” iron and steel - clean rust and impurities off its surface prior to processing - as well as to produce copper and zinc. It is used as a catalyst and additive in numerous other products, including petroleum refining, paper production, pharmaceutical production, acidic drain cleaners, batteries, dyes, pigments, detergents, explosives, pesticides, antifreeze, among many others. In addition, it is used to produce other chemicals including hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sodium carbonate, and more.

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