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9,10-Dichloroanthracene is used in organic synthesis.

All Metal Cutting Fluid

All Metal Cutting Fluid cools the tool and the cutting surface and minimizes heat distortion. It reduces abrasive wear prolonging tool life and yielding quality finishes. Nitrate-free formula prevents freezing of chucks and collets.

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Ammonium Lignosulfonate

Ammonium Lignosulfonate is extensively used as animal feeds, dust suppressant, anti-caking and anti-dusting properties in fertilizer particles, also used to stimulate the germination. These chemicals are odorless and are made available in light tan to dark brown color with the thickness similar to that of motor oil. Due to its highly combustible, we make sure that the product is delivered safely and the necessary precautionary measures are taken. These fine chemicals are processed using best grade constituents to meet the prevailing industrial quality standards.

ArChine Arclith LEP 120

ArChine Arclith LEP 120 is a EP grease, it used mineral oil as base oil, and this product contains many additives. It is designed for lubricating heavy wheel bearing, chassis, pump. It also suited for lubricating mechanical eqipment, rolling and sliding parts.

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ArChine Arcplex HSC 200

ArChine Arcplex HSC 200 is a calcium sulfonate complex thickened grease, formulated with a high viscosity base oil and special additives. It provides outstanding high temperature protection, anti-oxidative, water resistance , excellent EP wear protection and rust protection. It is mainly suitable for steel mills, mining, paper industry, auto industry, manufacturing, agriculture which need the high temperature, water and heavy-loaded conditions.

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