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4-Fluorobenzylamine is used as chemical intermediate for the manufacture of dyestuffs, pigments, optical brighteners, textile auxiliaries, agrochemicals, amino acids and other organic compounds.

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4-[18F] Fluoroiodobenzene is a versatile building block in 18F radiochemistry and is used in various transition metal-mediated C-C and C-N cross-coupling reactions2. Cross-coupling reaction of 4-fluoroiodobenzene with potassium pentafluorophenyltrifluoroborate in the presence of different palladium catalysts and silver oxide in toluene has been investigated3.

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4-Heptyloxybenzoic Acid

4-Heptyloxybenzoic acid is used as intermediate for the synthesis of liquid crystals including chiral ferroelectric benzoates. It also used in the preparation of medicinal compounds

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