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Dimethylphenylphosphine is a organophosphorus compound. The phosphorus is connected to a phenyl group and two methyl groups. It is the commonly used ligand in transition metal complexes.


Diphenyldichloromethane is used in the synthesis of tetraphenylethylene. Benzophenone is reacted with phosphorus pentachloride to give diphenyldichloromethane.

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Diphenylethylenediamine is an organic compound. This diamine is a precursor to a ligand for certain homogeneous hydrogenation catalysts. It can be prepared from benzil by reductive amination.

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Dowanol PM Glycol Ether

Dowanol PM glycol ether is the fastest evaporating solvent in the Dowanol glycol ether family. This product offers very high water solubility and active solvency, and is widely used in coating and cleaning applications.

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The processing and formulation procedures of this chemical are carried out by our highly qualified professionals with the utilization of modern tools, advanced equipment, and premium grade chemical compounds.

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