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Dowanol PMA Glycol Ether

Dowanol PMA glycol ether is a fast evaporating solvent that has the lowest viscosity of the entire Dowanol product line. The molecule is capped with an acetate group, which reduces its polarity and viscosity, as well as eliminates the presence of the reactive hydrogen found in other glycol ethers.

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Dowanol PPh Glycol Ether

Dowanol PPh is a slow evaporating, very hydrophobic glycol ether. With its aromatic structure, this product is an excellent match for phenolic coatings and linings; it is also an excellent coalescent for acrylic-based latexes.

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Dowanol PnB Glycol Ether

Downol PnB glycol ether is partly water soluble and miscible with most organic solvents, and provides excellent surface-tension lowering ability. This product does an excellent job of solvating and coupling hydrophobic greases and oils in both household and industrial cleaners.

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Dowanol PnP Glycol Ether

Dowanol PnP glycol ether offers an excellent balance between hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties, and is our most hydrophobic glycol ether that still maintains complete water solubility.

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Drilling & Tapping Fluid

Drilling & Tapping Fluid is fortified with an additive to resist chemical breakdown caused by extreme pressure. Anti-slip property prevents galling. It provides excellent boundary lubrication and ensures adhesion to exact work area without runoff. It is excellent for use on hard alloy steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. It cools the tool and cutting surface and minimizes heat distortion and also reduces abrasive wear prolonging tool life and yielding quality finishes. Nitrate-free formula prevents freezing of chucks and collets.

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