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N,N-Dimethyl-p-toluidine is used as a polymerization accelerator for the manufacture of bone cements and dental materials. It is found in industrial glues and artificial fingernail preparations and it is also used as an intermediate in dye and pesticide synthesis.

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N-Phenyl-1-naphthylamine is used as an antioxidant in various rubbers and lubrication oils. It is also used as an itermediate for vulcanization accelerators, dyes and other organic chemicals.

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Nickel Iodide Anhydrous

13462-90-3,Nickel Iodide Anhydrous 

Potassium Copper Cyanide

Cuprous Potassium Cyanide is a white crystalline solid. Denser than water.It is an inorganic cyanide. Members of this class that contain heavy metals tend to explosive instability, most of them are capable of violent oxidation under certain condition; fusion of metal cyanides with metal chlorates, perchlorates, nitrates or nitrites can cause violent explosions.

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Povidone Iodine - Powder

Povidone Iodine - Powder

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