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GB-815 C

GB-815 C is an effective air-con coil cleaner especially designed for the removal of greasy soils and dirt from air-con coil.GB-815 C is economical to use as it is highly concentrated.GB-815 C is effective and fast acting on greasy soils, dirt and carbon deposits from air-con coils.

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GaroSOLs are high boiling narrow cut solvents with excellent solvency. They impart excellent properties for use in many coating applications, Paints and Inks. High Flash, and low HAP and VOC impart good properties in high quality Agrochemical s, Pesticides, Industrial Cleaning, Mastics and Sealants, Additives, Oil Field Chemicals, Water treatment Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals.

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1-hexene is a higher olefin, or alkene, with a formula C6H12. 1-hexene is an alpha-olefin, meaning that the double bond is located at the alpha (primary) position, endowing the compound with higher reactivity and thus useful chemical properties. 1-hexene is an industrially significant linear alpha olefin.

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Hydro RP

Hydro RP is a unique water based rust preventive chemicals for temporary rust protection in indoor storage. Ideal for inter-machining stage rust prevention, leak testing etc.

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Hydrogen is the lightest and most abundant chemical element.The most common isotope of hydrogen is protium with a single proton and no neutrons. In 1671, Robert Boyle discovered and described the reaction between iron filings and dilute acids, which results in the production of hydrogen gas. In 1766, Henry Cavendish was the first to recognize hydrogen gas as a discrete substance, by identifying the gas from a metal-acid reaction as "phlogiston", meaning "flammable air" and further finding in 1781 that the gas produces water when burned. He is usually given credit for its discovery as an element. In 1783, Antoine Lavoisier gave the element the name hydrogen when he and Laplace reproduced Cavendish's finding that water is produced when hydrogen is burned. Large quantities of hydrogen are needed in the petroleum and chemical industries. The largest application of hydrogen is for the processing of fossil fuels, and in the production of ammonia. It is used as a hydrogenating agent, particularly in increasing the level of saturation of unsaturated fats and oils, and in the production of methanol. It is similarly the source of hydrogen in the manufacture of hydrochloric acid. It is also used as a reducing agent of metallic ores. It is commonly used in power stations, as a coolant in generators, due to its specific heat capacity being considerably higher than any other gas.

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We have established ourselves as a renowned wholesaler, trader, and supplier of Iodine Chemical. It is primarily used in nutrition, and industrially in the production of acetic acid and certain polymers.


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Isoprene is a common organic compound. It is the monomer of natural rubber and also a common structure motif to an immense variety of other naturally occurring compounds, collectively termed the isoprenoids. Polyisoprenes are used in a wide variety of rubber applications including medical equipment, baby bottle nipples, toys, shoe soles, tires, elastic films and threads for golf balls or textiles. Other uses include adhesives, paints and coatings. Styrene-isoprene rubber is a copolymer that is used in pressure sensitive adhesives.

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KEMOL-40 is used in paint & coating manufacturing industries, thinner manufacturing industries, resin manufacturing, textile & paper processing induatries

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