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Diethylaluminium Chloride

Diethylaluminium chloride is a highly hazardous organic compound and Lewis acid. It is used as an intermediate in production of organometallics.

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Diethylammonium Phosphate

Diethylammonium phosphate is used as an food additive and used in organic synthesis.

Dowanol DPnB Glycol Ether

Dowanol DPnB glycol ether is a relatively slow-evaporating solvent which offers highly efficient coalescing properties and excellent surface tension-lowering abilities.

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Dowanol DPnP Glycol Ether

Dowanol DPnP is a slow-evaporating glycol ether that has a near mid-range balance of hydrophobic and hydrophilic characteristics, and it offers significant water solubility.

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Dowanol PGDA Glycol Ether

Dowanol PGDA glycol ether is a highly pure chemical product (more than 99.5% pure). The high flash point, the high ignition temperature and a favorable toxicological profile make it a relatively safe solvent, and it provides excellent performance properties across a broad range of applications.

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Dowanol TPnB Glycol Ether

Dowanol TPnB is the slowest evaporating glycol ether in the downol product line, and is a high boiling, colorless solvent with low viscosity and practically no odor.

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EDC (Ethylene Dichloride)

1,2-dichloroethane, commonly known by its old name of ethylene dichloride (EDC), is a chlorinated hydrocarbon, mainly used to produce vinyl chloride monomer (VCM, chloroethene), the major precursor for PVC production

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Ethylene Glycol Diacetate

Ethylene glycol diacetate is used as solvent, also can be used in organic synthesis.

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