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KEMOL-45 is used in paint & coating manufacturing industries, thinner manufacturing industries, resin manufacturing, textile & paper processing industries.

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L-CRYSTA is a crystalline poly alpha olefin that boasts exceptional hardness, thermal stability and a low melting point.

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LK AE 30

LK AE 30 antifoam emulsions is high performance silicone based antifoam emulsions containing non-ionic surfactants and functional additives.

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Linalool is a naturally occurring terpene alcohol chemical found in many flowers and spice plants with many commercial applications, the majority of which are based on its pleasant scent. It is used as a scent in 60-80% of perfumed hygiene products and cleaning agents including soaps, detergents, shampoos, and lotions. It is also used as a chemical intermediate. Additionally, linalool is used by pest professionals as a flea and cockroach insecticide.

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Lutetium is one of the elements that traditionally were included in the classification "rare earths". One of its radioactive isotopes is used in nuclear technology to determine the age of meteorites. Lutetium usually occurs in association with the element yttrium and is sometimes used in metal alloys and as a catalyst in various chemical reactions.

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