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Cesiumhydroxide monohydrate

Cesiumhydroxide monohydrate is used as materials for manufacturing various cesium salts and in glass making ceramics manufacture industry.

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Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

Copper sulfate pentahydrate is commonly used as a fungicide to control various bacterial and fungal diseases of crops, fruits and vegetables, such as mildew, leaf spots, blights and apple scab. It is used in the preparation of Bordeaux mixture, along with lime, which is used for leaf application and seed treatment for treating fungal diseases on grapes, melons and other berries. It is also used as a molluscicide, to repel and kill slugs and snails.

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Cyclo Pentane Technical 96%

Cyclopentane is a colourless flammable acyclic hydrocarbon liquid.

Dichloromethyl Methyl Ether

Dichloromethyl methyl ether is an organic compound that belongs to the class of ethers with a dichloromethyl group and a methyl group. It can be synthesized from methyl formate and a mixture of phosphorus pentachloride and phosphorus oxychloride or by chlorination of chlorodimethyl ether. The compound is used in the formylation of aromatic compounds and as a chlorination agent in the formation of acid chlorides.

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