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Dodecenylsuccinic Anhydride

Dodecenylsuccinic anhydride is a fixative used in electron microscopy and a curing agent for epoxy resins.

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Dowanol DPMA Glycol Ether

Dowanol DPMA glycol ether is a mid to slow evaporating solvent that is among the lowest viscosity embers of the DOWANOL product line. The molecule is capped with an acetate group, which reduces its polarity and viscosity, as well as eliminates the presence of the reactive hydrogen found in other glycol ethers.

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Ethyl Glyoxalate Solution

Ethyl glyoxylate is widely used as an intermediate in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals (high reactivity of aldehyde function). It is used in the synthesis of a biodegradable polymer, poly(ethyl glyoxylate). It is actively involved in the Friedel-Crafts alkylation reactions with thiophenes to give the corresponding secondary alcoholsAppearance: Clear colorless to slightly yellow solution.

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