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Bis(chloromethyl) ether is an organic compound. It is one of the chloroalkyl ethers. This colourless liquid is used for chloromethylation of aromatic substrates. It is produced industrially from paraformaldehyde and a mixture of chlorosulfonic acid and sulfuric acid

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Bis-1,4-(2-hydroxyethylamino)-2-nitrobenzene is used as an intermediate for pharmaceuticals and organic synthesis.

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Bis-Trifluoro acetoxy iodobenzene

• Pummerer-like reactions1,2
• Chemoselective deprotection of dimethoxybenzyl ethers3
• Mediating oxidative cycloisomerization4,5
• Tosyloxylation of anilides6

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Bismuth is the most naturally diamagnetic of all metals. It has classically been considered to be the heaviest naturally-occurring stable element. Bismuth compounds are used in cosmetics, medicines, and in medical procedures. Bismuth has unusually low toxicity for a heavy metal. As the toxicity of lead has become more apparent in recent years, alloy uses for bismuth metal, as a replacement for lead, have become an increasing part of bismuth's commercial importance.

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