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Cycloheptene is a 7-membered cycloalkene. It is a raw material in organic chemistry and a monomer in polymer synthesis. It can exist as either the cis- or the trans-isomer.

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Cyclohexane is a cycloalkane. It is used as a nonpolar solvent for the chemical industry, and also as a raw material for the industrial production of adipic acid and caprolactam. It is also used for calibration of Differential scanning calorimetry instruments. Because of its unique chemical and conformational properties, cyclohexane is also used in labs in analysis and as a standard.

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Cyclohexanol is an organic compound. The molecule is related to cyclohexane ring by replacement of one hydrogen atom by a hydroxyl group. It is an important feedstock in the polymer industry, firstly as a precursor to Nylons, but also to various plasticizers. Small amounts are used as a solvent.

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Cyclohexene is a hydrocarbon. It is an intermediate in various industrial processes. It is a precursor to caprolactam, adipic acid, maleic acid, dicyclohexyladipate, and cyclohexeneoxide. Furthermore, it is used as a solvent.

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Cyclohexyl isocyanate

Cyclohexyl isocyanate is used in chemical manufacturing including agrochemicals, pharmaceutical agents and polymer auxiliaries.

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