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ArChine Electrical-contact 120

ArChine Electrical-contact 120 is made of synthetic complex soap thickener and add super-conductive, anti-oxidation, anti-wear, anti-corrosion additives to refine. It is applied to the maintenance and protection of the static contact which the regulator of connection and smoothing is inserted.

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CAB-O-SILO TS-530 Fumed Silica

CAB-O-SILO TS-530 Fumed Silica is used in rheological control, flow agent, thickening agent, reinforcing agent in: coatings, adhesives and/or sealants, inks and toners, silicone elastomer, rubber products, dispersion, suspension, paints, cosmetics, hygiene and sanitary products.

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Di(Propylene Glycol)Dibenzoate

Di(Propylene Glycol)Dibenzoate can be used for the forming processing of PVC products. Di(Propylene Glycol)Dibenzoate can be mainly used in PVC plastic and polyurethane and other polymer materials. The compatibility with PVC resin is better than DOP, DBP, can be widely used in PVC cable, plastic film, foam slippers, foam sandals, leather, windows and doors and windows sealed, PVC profile, soft board, all kinds of soft,Rigid pipe, decorative materials, hard foam panels.

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