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Diethylenetriaminepenta(Methylenephosphonic) Acid

Diethylenetriaminepenta(methylenephosphonic) acid can be used as scale and corrosion inhibitor in circulating cool water system and boiler water, and especially in alkali circulating cool water system without additional pH regulation. It can also be used in oilfield refill water, cool water and boiler water with high concentration of barium carbonate. When used alone, little scale sediment is found even none of dispersant is used.It can also be used as peroxide stabilizer, chelating agent in woven & dyeing industry, pigment dispersant, microelement’s carrying agent in fertilizer and concrete modifier. In addition, it is used in papermaking, electroplating, acid cleaning and cosmetics.

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Diethylzinc is a highly pyrophoric organozinc compound consisting of a zinc center bound to two ethyl groups. Edward Frankland first reported the compound in 1848 from zinc and ethyl iodide. Diethylzinc reacts violently with water and easily ignites upon contact with air. It is used in organic synthesis as a source of the ethyl carbanion inaddition reactions to carbonyl groups. It is also used extensively inmaterials science chemistry as a zinc source in the synthesis ofnanoparticles. Diethylzinc vapour would, in theory, neutralize acid residues in the paper, leaving slightly alkaline zinc oxide residues.

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