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Diphenylethylenediamine is an organic compound. This diamine is a precursor to a ligand for certain homogeneous hydrogenation catalysts. It can be prepared from benzil by reductive amination.

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Diphenylphosphine is organophosphorus compound. It is a precursor to organophosphorus ligands for use as catalysts.

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Diphenyltin Chloride

Diphenyltin chloride is used in chemical reagents, organic intermediates, fine chemicals, pharmaceutical research and development.

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Diphosphoric Acid

Diphosphoric acid is also known under the name Pyrophosphoric acid. It is used in preparation of soaps ,detergents and cosmetics

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Diphosphorus is the diatomic form of phosphorus.It also forms as an intermediate in the photolysis of P4.

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Diphosphorus Tetraiodide

Diphosphorus tetraiodide is a versatile reducing agent. It is used in organic chemistry for converting carboxylic acids to nitriles, for deprotecting acetals and ketals to aldehydes and ketones, and for converting epoxides into alkenes and aldoximes into nitriles. It can also cyclize 2-aminoalcohols to aziridines and to convert α,β-unsaturated carboxylic acids to α,β-unsaturated bromides. In the Kuhn–Winterstein reaction diphosphorus tetraiodide is used in the conversion of glycols to alkenes.

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