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Dowanol PnB Glycol Ether

Downol PnB glycol ether is partly water soluble and miscible with most organic solvents, and provides excellent surface-tension lowering ability. This product does an excellent job of solvating and coupling hydrophobic greases and oils in both household and industrial cleaners.

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Dowanol PnP Glycol Ether

Dowanol PnP glycol ether offers an excellent balance between hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties, and is our most hydrophobic glycol ether that still maintains complete water solubility.

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Dowanol TPnB Glycol Ether

Dowanol TPnB is the slowest evaporating glycol ether in the downol product line, and is a high boiling, colorless solvent with low viscosity and practically no odor.

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Drilling & Tapping Fluid

Drilling & Tapping Fluid is fortified with an additive to resist chemical breakdown caused by extreme pressure. Anti-slip property prevents galling. It provides excellent boundary lubrication and ensures adhesion to exact work area without runoff. It is excellent for use on hard alloy steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. It cools the tool and cutting surface and minimizes heat distortion and also reduces abrasive wear prolonging tool life and yielding quality finishes. Nitrate-free formula prevents freezing of chucks and collets.

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Drillube used on the exterior of the drill rods, augers burdens as well as inside the tube draws air holes witnesses in diamond and reverse for application on surfaces subjected to mechanical friction.

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Durene is an aromatic hydrocarbon used as a solvent. It is also an intermediate in the manufacture of pyromellitic acid, which is used for manufacturing curing agents, adhesives and coating materials. It is used in the manufacture of some raw materials for engineering plastics (polyimides) and cross-linking agent for alkyd resins.

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Dysprosium is a rare earth element. It is never found in nature as a free element, though it is found in various minerals, such as xenotime. It was first identified in 1886 by Paul Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran, but was not isolated in pure form until the development of ion exchange techniques in the 1950s. It is used for its high thermal neutron absorption cross-section in making control rods in nuclear reactors, for its high magnetic susceptibility to magnetization in data storage devices and as a component of Terfenol-D. It is also used in dosimeters for measuring ionizing radiation. Dysprosium, in conjunction with vanadium and other elements, is used in making laser materials. Dysprosium iodide and dysprosium bromide are used in high intensity lighting.

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Dysprosium Nitride Industrial Grade 99.9%

Dysprosium nitride is gray powder, which is a rare earth metal nitride. Its production method is high energy ball milling process. Dysprosium metal is the raw material.

Dysprosium Nitride

Purity: Dy/RE 99.9%

Particle size: -100mesh, -200mesh

CAS No.:12019-88-4 EINECS No.:234-649-8 Molecular Formula:DyN Molecular Weight:176.51


Dysprosium mononitride is a magnetic material, semiconductor material, refractory material, photoelectric material and ceramic material.

Dysprosium Oxide Industrial Grade 99.9%

Dysprosium oxide is white or faint yellow powder, which has a little different according to purity. It is insoluble in water.

Dysprosium Oxide

CAS No.:1308-87-8 EINECS No.:215-164-0 Molecular Formula:Dy2O3 Molecular Weight:373
Density:7.81 Melting Point:2330-2350℃ Boiling Point:3900℃  


Dysprosium(III) oxide is dopant in yttrium iron and yttrium aluminum garnet. It is also control material in nuclear reactor. Dy2O3 applies to make new light source dysprosium lamp with high brightness, good light color.

Dysprosium troxide uses as anode coating due to its cathode emission property. It is also raw material for metal dysprosium and additive for glass and NdFeB permanent magnet.

Dy2O3 is raw material for functional ceramics as piezoelectric ceramics, semiconductor material and capacitor ceramics and magneto-optical memory material.

Dysprosium Powder Purified 99.9%

Dysprosium powder is gray fine particles, which is a kind of rare earth metal. Its size could be custom-made. It is stable in air. When close to o℃, dysprosium metal has superconductivity. At high temperature, it easy to oxidize by air and water, which form dysprosium(III) oxide. Dysprosium also have good property of optical, electric, magnetic and nuclear except common chemical activity of rare earth elements, as misch metal and compounds. It can also process into ingot, foil, sheet, rod, wire and sputtering target. There are two production method of Dy metal, distillation method and reducation method. The distilled dysprosium piece is dendritic with higher purity than reduced one. Dy ingot is of REM 99.9% by distillation method. Dy powder is of REM 99.9% and particle size -100mesh and -200mesh.

Dysprosium Powder

Purity: Dy/REM 99.9% 3N

CAS No.:7429-91-6 EINECS No.:231-073-9 Molecular Formula: Dy Molecular Weight:162.50
Melting Point:1407℃ Boiling Point:2335℃ Density:8.55  


Dysprosium metal is mainly for producing new lighting source dysprosium lamp. it is control material in reactor.  It is necessary metal raw material for terfenol.

Dy element is raw material for magnetic alloys Nd-Fe-B , infrared ray generator and laser materials.

Fluorescent powder need dysprosium as activating agent. Luminescent materials doping dysprosium can be as trichromatic phosphor.

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