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Croconic Acid

Croconic Acid has a cyclopentene backbone with two hydroxyl groups adjacent to the double bond and three ketone groups on the remaining carbon atoms. It is sensitive to light, soluble in water and ethanol and forms yellow crystals that decompose at 212 °C.

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Dechlor 357 is a proprietary sulfate based dechlorination agent that is particularly effective under alkaline conditions when compared to traditional dechlorination agents such as sulfur dioxide, sodium bisulfite (SBS), or ammonium bisulfite (ABS).


Dicyandiamide is an amine derived from guanidine. It is a dimer of cyanamide, from which it can be prepared. A variety of useful compounds are produced from 2-cyanoguanidine, guanidines and melamine. Dicyandiamide is also used as a slow fertilizer. It is used in the adhesive industry as a curing agent for epoxies.


Formic acid is a simple, weak carboxylic acid with a wide variety of popular uses. Some major uses include the production of leather goods, in textile finishing, and in rubber production. In agriculture, formic acid is used as a preservative for livestock feed and can be used as a pesticide in beekeeping. It is also used to kill E. coli in poultry production.

Itaconic Acid

Itaconic acid is a naturally occurring organic compound. It is non-toxic, and readily biodegradable. The name itaconic was devised as an anagram of aconitic. Itaconic acid was obtained by the distillation of citric acid. It is produced industrially by fermentation of carbohydrates such as glucose using Aspergillus terreus. Itaconic acid is primarily used as a co-monomer in the production of styrene-butadiene-acrylonitrile and acrylate latexes with applications in the paper and architectural coating industry.


Lactic acid is a weak acid that can be found naturally or produced synthetically. It is most often associated with the dairy industry for cheese and yogurt production, but has application as a polymer precursor, as an ingredient in natural detergents, and in cosmetic products. Lactic acid fermentation is also utilized in wine production, fermented produce product, and in the meat industry.

Methyl Orange

Methyl Orange is a pH indicator frequently used in titration because of its clear and distinct color variance at different pH values.


Nitric acid is a strong mineral acid with dominant oxidizing and nitrating properties. Nitric acid is a general cleaning agent on all surfaces, soak tanks, or with steam or mechanical cleaning devices in all departments. Nitric acid is also commonly used in photo engraving, chemical preparations as well as the electronic and agricultural chemical industries.


Sorbic acid is a naturally occurring weak acid that is the most common food preservative in the world. Sorbic acid is an antimicrobial agent used to prevent mold, yeast, and fungi growth, particularly in cheese, yogurt, meat, wine, soft drinks, and more. It can also be found in animal feeds, pharmaceutical drugs, and cosmetics.


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