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Cool-Rite provide outstanding sump life and tooling life and are extremely economical. The unique chemistries of these products provide superior heat dissipation resulting in improved tool life at economical dilutions.

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Dendrimers are repetitively branched molecules. The name comes from the Greek word "δένδρον" (pronounced dendron), which translates to "tree". Synonymous terms for dendrimer include arborols and cascade molecules. However, dendrimer is currently the internationally accepted term. A dendrimer is typically symmetric around the core, and often adopts a spherical three-dimensional morphology. The word dendron is also encountered frequently. A dendron usually contains a single chemically addressable group called the focal point. Applications of dendrimers typically involve conjugating other chemical species to the dendrimer surface that can function as detecting agents (such as a dye molecule), affinity ligands, targeting components, radioligands, imaging agents, or pharmaceutically active compounds. Dendrimers have very strong potential for these applications because their structure can lead to multivalent systems. Dendrimers can also be used as a solubilizing agent. Since their introduction in the mid-1980s, this novel class of dendrimer architecture has been a prime candidate for hosts guest chemistry. Dendrimers with hydrophobic core and hydrophilic periphery have shown to exhibit micelle-like behavior and have container properties in solution. The use of dendrimers as unimolecular micelles was proposed by Newkome in 1985. This analogy highlighted the utility of dendrimers as solubilizing agents. The majority of drugs available in pharmaceutical industry are hydrophobic in nature and this property in particular creates major formulation problems

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Enasta OD

Enasta OD is a series of mould release agents. Enasta OD series include range of high-performance mould release agents with various compositions. ENASTA OD products are intended for use in compressed, horizontally vibrated and other concrete components.


Flavanone is a natural plant flavanoid found to inhibit tumor cells in vitro.

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Fueline-R is powerful formulation which is combination of strong carbon dispersant, emulsifier & corrosion inhibitor. This formulation is used effectively for decarbonization & descaling of entire thermic fluid system. This is an ideal solution to be applied before replacement of thermic fluid from any system. Continuous use of thermic fluid systems results in to deteriorating of thermic fluid. The main causes for deterioration are oxidation & cracking.

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Gamasol® is a granular pigment powder and anionic dispersant easily dispersed in water for applications such as coloring of construction materials from cement, seeds, fertilizers, art colors, detergents, soaps and other water-based applications.

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GaramaSOL is high Molecular, high flash, low evaporation, customer made fraction & blends. GaramaSOL is having high flash property, since it is used as an ideal industrial solvent for oil field chemicals, surfactants & emulsifiers.

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