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magnesium oxide Technical 80-90%

Magnesium oxide powder is used mainly as magnesium supplements in farm feeds and fertilizers. Magnesium oxide is a versatile product with many other uses including applications in the pulp and paper Industry, water treatment, refractories, tanning, sorrel cement manufacture and many other uses.


Color : off white 
Grade : cattle feed Mgo 
content : 85 % min 
Magnesium as mg: 51% min 
Loss on ignition : 1.5% max 
Calcium oxide : 2.5 % max 
Iron oxide : 0.6% max 
Alumina : 0.6% max 
Silica : 10 -12 % max 
Size : 200 mesh powder 85 % passing without any grits

n-Iodo Propane OR Propyl Iodide

N-Propyl Iodide is used in wide range of medicals industrial applocations as well as in human and animal nutrition products such as antiseptics and disinfectants, pharmaceutical intermediates, polarizing films for liquid crystal display [LCD] chemicals. Iodine derivatives are also used as organic building blocks, analytical reagents etc.

N-Propyl Iodide has a CAS No 107-08-4 and has Molecular Formula C3H7I .Its Molecular weight is 168.993.

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