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Beryllium Granules Purified 99.9%

beryllium granule metal bead grains granular ball particles

Be 99.9%

copper beryllium alloy, aluminum beryllium alloy, structural material of space technology, x ray transmission window, fluorescent tube, phosphor television tube 

Bis-Trifluoro acetoxy iodobenzene

• Pummerer-like reactions1,2
• Chemoselective deprotection of dimethoxybenzyl ethers3
• Mediating oxidative cycloisomerization4,5
• Tosyloxylation of anilides6

Dipropylene Glycol Dimethyl Ether

Dipropylene Glycol Dimethyl Ether is a very versatile and environmentally friendly solvent. It is used in waterborne coatings and high solids coatings.

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Electropure Liquid Copper Sulfate

Electropure Liquid Copper Sulfate is a high purity solution used to make up and replenish acid copper palting baths/solutions. It is especially beneficial in Electronic and other plating applications where low levels of organic and inorganic imprities are critical.

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