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Krypton is a noble gas, occurs in trace amounts in the atmosphere, is isolated by fractionally distilling liquified air, and is often used with other rare gases in fluorescent lamps. Krypton's multiple emission lines make ionized krypton gas discharges appear whitish, which in turn makes krypton-based bulbs useful in photography as a brilliant white light source. It is thus used in some types of photographic flashes used in high speed photography. It has an important role in production and usage of the krypton fluoride laser. The laser has been important in the nuclear fusion energy research community in confinement experiments. In experimental particle physics, liquid krypton is used to construct quasi-homogeneous electromagnetic calorimeters.

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Kwench-Rite provide excellent corrosion resistance to both aluminum, magnesium and zinc parts as well as mechanical components.

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L-(+)-Cysteine Hydrochloride Monohydrate

L-(+)-Cysteine hydrochloride monohydrate is widely used in fields of medicine, food processing, biological study, materials of chemical industry and so on.

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L-Alanine is utilized in clinical nutrition and as an ingredient for pharmaceutical products such as therapeutics for prostate hypertrophy. It is also used for cell culture. In the food industry,Alanine is utilized to enrich nutrition in health foods and drinks. It is manufactured using an initial fermentation process then an enzymatic process.

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L-CRYSTA is a crystalline poly alpha olefin that boasts exceptional hardness, thermal stability and a low melting point.

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