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Flavanone is a natural plant flavanoid found to inhibit tumor cells in vitro.

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Fueline-R is powerful formulation which is combination of strong carbon dispersant, emulsifier & corrosion inhibitor. This formulation is used effectively for decarbonization & descaling of entire thermic fluid system. This is an ideal solution to be applied before replacement of thermic fluid from any system. Continuous use of thermic fluid systems results in to deteriorating of thermic fluid. The main causes for deterioration are oxidation & cracking.

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Gamasol® is a granular pigment powder and anionic dispersant easily dispersed in water for applications such as coloring of construction materials from cement, seeds, fertilizers, art colors, detergents, soaps and other water-based applications.

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GaramaSOL is high Molecular, high flash, low evaporation, customer made fraction & blends. GaramaSOL is having high flash property, since it is used as an ideal industrial solvent for oil field chemicals, surfactants & emulsifiers.


Germanium was discovered comparatively late because very few minerals contain it in high concentration. It ranks near fiftieth in relative abundance of the elements in the Earth's crust. In 1869, Dmitri Mendeleev predicted its existence and some of its properties based on its position on his periodic table and called the element eka-silicon. Nearly two decades later, in 1886, Clemens Winkler found it in the mineral argyrodite. It is an important semiconductor material used in transistors and various other electronic devices. Its major end uses are fiber-optic systems and infrared optics, but it is also used for polymerization catalysts, and in electronics and solar cell applications. It is finding a new use in nanowires. Germanium has gained popularity in recent years for its reputed ability to improve immune system function in cancer patients. It is available in the U.S. as a nonprescription dietary supplement in oral capsules or tablets, and has also been encountered as an injectable solution.

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Hydrazine is an inorganic compound. It is mainly used as a foaming agent in preparing polymer foams, but significant applications also include its uses as a precursor to polymerization catalysts and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, hydrazine is used in various rocket fuels and to prepare the gas precursors used in air bags. It is used within both nuclear and conventional electrical power plant steam cycles to control concentrations of dissolved oxygen in an effort to reduce corrosion. The majority use of hydrazine is as a precursor to blowing agents. It is a useful building block in organic synthesis of pesticides. It is also used as a propellant on board space vehicles, and to both reduce the concentration of dissolved oxygen in and control pH of water used in large industrial boilers.

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Imidazole is an organic compound. This aromatic heterocyclic is a diazole and is classified as an alkaloid. Imidazole refers to the parent compound whereas imidazoles are a class of heterocycles with similar ring structure but varying substituents. This ring system is present in important biological building blocks such as histidine, and the related hormone histamine. It can serve as a base and as a weak acid. Many drugs contain an imidazole ring, such as antifungal drugs and nitroimidazole. It has been used extensively as a corrosion inhibitor on certain transition metals, such as copper. Many compounds of industrial and technological importance contain imidazole derivatives. The thermostable polybenzimidazole PBI contains imidazole fused to a benzene ring and linked to a benzene, and acts as a fire retardant.It can also be found in various compounds which are used for photography and electronics.

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Ionophore is a lipid-soluble molecule usually synthesized by microorganisms to transport ions across the lipid bilayer of the cell membrane. Ionophores disrupt the transmembrane ion concentration gradients required for the proper functioning and survival of microorganisms, and thus have antibiotic properties. In laboratory research, ionophores are used to increase the permeability of biological membranes to certain ions. Ionophores are classified as carboxylic polyether antibiotics, and they disrupt the ion concentration gradient across microorganisms, which cause them to enter a futile ion cycle. Ionophores function by selecting against or negatively affecting the metabolism of gram-positive bacteria and protozoa in the rumen. Ionophores are included in either dry or liquid manufactured supplements, allowing for specific formulations of ionophore concentrations and the option to control intake of the supplement. Ionophores can also be included in loose mineral mixtures, which can be used to limit intake of the mineral. Ionophores have been used to positively affect reproductive processes in the beef cow herd.

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