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Fomepizole is indicated for use as an antidote in confirmed or suspected methanol or ethylene glycol poisoning. It may be used alone or in combination with hemodialysis. Apart from medical uses, the role of fomepizole in coordination chemistry has been studied.

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Forge-Rite is designed specifically for use in the ferrous and non-ferrous forging industry. These products incorporate the latest chemistries to provide improved productivity through extended dilutions, less solder and superior lubrication.

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Gadolinium is a silvery-white, malleable and ductile rare-earth metal. It is found in nature only in combined form. It was first detected spectroscopically in 1880 by de Marignac who separated its oxide and is credited with its discovery. It is named for gadolinite, one of of the minerals in which it was found, in turn named for geologist Johan Gadolin. The metal was isolated by Lecoq de Boisbaudran in 1886. Gadolinium as a metal or salt has exceptionally high absorption of neutrons and therefore is used for shielding in neutron radiography and in nuclear reactors. Like most rare earths, gadolinium forms trivalent ions which have fluorescent properties. Gd (III) salts have therefore been used as green phosphors in various applications. Because of its paramagnetic properties, solutions of chelated organic gadolinium complexes and intravenously administered gadolinium-based MRI contrast agents are the most popular contrast agents in medical magnetic resonance imaging.

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Galaxy 699

Galaxy 699 is used in toothpaste, emulsifier, and pharmaceuticals.

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Galaxy 780

Galaxy 780 is used in toothpaste, cream shampoos, liquid detergents, emulsion polymerization.

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Galaxy 789

Galaxy 789 is used in toothpaste, emulsifier, and pharmaceuticals.

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Galaxy 799

Galaxy 799 is used in toothpaste, emulsifier, and pharmaceuticals.

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Galaxy ALS

Galaxy ALS is used in shampoos, bubble bath, body wash.

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GrintoSOLS are highly refined, hydrogenated aliphatic solvents with relatively narrow boiling range, low aromatics and mild odour The grades differ primarily in their boiling range, aniline point and falsh point.

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