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Pure Aluminium Paste 30 L

Pure Aluminium Paste 30 L is prepared from processing of pure aluminium through milling processes. Appropriate in formulation and appearance, it is used in various industries like in fireworks and chemical industries.

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Purolite OL100

Purolite OL100 is a premium grade oleophilic resin which acts as a coalescing agent designed for the removal of oil from condensate. This specially treated ion exchange resin is a copolymer of styrene and divinylbenzene which has a high capacity for oil removal and excellent kinetics. Purolite OL100 has very good mechanical strength with bead breaking weight values averaging over 300g per bead. It has superior physical and chemical stability. Routinely Purolite resins have a closely controlled partical size range which ensures that fines which could so easily block strainers are absent from the product.

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