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Quinuclidine is an organic compound and a bicyclic amine and used as a catalyst and a chemical building block. It can be prepared by reduction of quinuclidone.The compound is structurally related to DABCO in which the other bridgehead is also nitrogen and tropane with a slightly different carbon frame. Quinuclidine is found as a structural component of some biomolecules including quinine.

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Radon is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas, occurring naturally as the decay product of uranium. It is one of the densest substances that remains a gas under normal conditions and is considered to be a health hazard due to its radioactivity. It has been produced commercially for use in radiation therapy, but for the most part has been replaced by radionuclides made in accelerators and nuclear reactors. It has been used in implantable seeds, made of gold or glass, primarily used to treat cancers. Radon soil-concentration has been used in an experimental way to map buried close-subsurface geological faults because concentrations are generally higher over the faults. Similarly, it has found some limited use in prospecting for geothermal gradients. In the 1950s, radon has been used in industrial radiography.

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Raymond mill/roller mill/grinding mill

raymond mill (Raymond Roller Mill) is applicable to the grinding and processing of more than 280 kinds of non-flammable and non-explosive materials with hardness less than 7 and humidity less than 6% in mining, construction ,chemical industry and metallurgy, such as barite, calcite, feldspar,talcum, marble, limestone, clay, glass. The fineness of the finished product can be adjusted from 100 mesh to 325 mesh according to requirements. Contact person: Alice Contact email: raymond mill,roller mill:

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Red Grease

Red Grease is an all purpose non-melt grease with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives for use in heavy duty applications. Sprays as a thin liquid and quickly becomes a thick red grease capable of clinging to vertical surfaces. It is water resistant with exceptional resistance to acids, salt spray, weather, dirt, dust, steam and oxidation. Seals out dirt and other contaminants prolonging the life of the metal.

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Red Phosphorus

Red phosphorus is a component of matchbook strike plates and is used as an ingredient in certain commercial rat and cockroach poisons. Red phosphorus is used in the manufacture of pyrotechnics,safety matches,semiconductors, fertilizers, pesticides, incendiary.

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Reduced Erbium Metal Purified 99%

Erbium metal by reduction method, distillation method

Er REM 99.9%

rare earth metal

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Refined Glycerine Technical 99.7%

Versatile Bangladesh is a Chemical Import and Export Industry. In 2012 the company has restructure the company segregate with two concern  one Versatile Bangladesh involve in import of basic industrial commodities and another company Alisha International for import- export of consumer product.

Versatile Bangladesh is not only a Importer and supplier company; we are also seeking to do a total solution provider with international sourcing of industrial commodities. Quality assurance and supply chain management with professional technical support. We specialize in importing of all kinds of Textile & Leather Chemicals and Dyes.


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